Colorado Craft Brewery Making Beer More Outdoorsy

New Belgium is helping Patagonia celebrate its 40th Anniversary with a special brew.  New Belgium’s recognizable bike logo, represents one of the third largest craft breweries in the nation.  This promotional partnership makes perfect sense as both brands are rooted in the outdoors.

Does this special edition partnership make beer the official beer of the outdoorsman/woman? When asked by Bloomberg Businessweek, Patagonia spokeswoman replied, “Hasn’t beer always been outdoorsy?!! Especially when in cans.”

Beer and the outdoors do seem to go hand in hand. Think of the many times you enjoy a ice cold beer: after finishing a 5K or marathon, out on the river fly fishing, après ski at the bottom of the mountain and camping with friends.  Craft breweries making their delicious beer in cans has made all of the above especially easy.  The cans can be thrown into backpacks and coolers and the cans are easy to recycle.

The limited edition, California Route, is an organic California style lager “canned for adventure.”  The anniversary beer is not Patagonia’s entry into the beer world, just simply a celebration for the beer loving founding family of outdoor lifestyle apparel and gear.

Here is how Patagonia describes the celebratory beer:

“Boasting California lager yeast with subtle fruity esters and a refreshing light lager finish, California Route organic lager is canned for adventure. The beer has an aromatic blast of citrusy Cascade hops and a heavy dose of noble hallertau. The addition of organic Munich specialty malt builds complexity with hints of freshly baked bread. Consistent with Patagonia’s long-standing commitment to organics, the beer is brewed with certified organic ingredients.”

Look for the new beer in liquor stores in Denver, Boulder, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and in cities in Patagonia’s home state of California.