Brand Iron Helps SafeRx Launch a New Weapon in the Fight Against Opioid Addiction

A new brand, corporate identity, and website puts SafeRx in the trenches in the battle against drug addiction.

Every so often, a client’s project gets the Brand Iron team inspired. SafeRx is one of those clients. They are taking the fight against opioid drug addiction directly into the medicine cabinet with their patented Locking Prescription Vials, or LPVs. LPVs keep your high-risk medicines safe by allowing access only to those to whom the prescription belongs.

Safe Rx Website Launch


Considering 90% of drug abusers start in their teens and the number one source for teen drug abuse is pilfering from family medicine cabinets, helping market this product was a no-brainer for Band Iron. We were honored to assist SafeRx in developing a new brand, corporate identity, website and sales materials to help take LPVs to market. These small devices have the potential to save $33 billion in excess healthcare costs, return $23 billion to the economy in recaptured productivity and reduced criminal justice expense, and prevent 5 million 12-17 year olds from initiating drug abuse. The moral of the story is that what SafeRx is doing matters. The launch of their new brand not only helps in the fight against an epidemic, but it also supports industry professionals in prevention and education.

At Brand Iron, we always aim to do work that makes both us and our clients proud. But sometimes, it goes deeper than the work itself. Whenever we can help a business help society in the way SafeRx does, it adds an extra level of pride, and that comes out in our work.

Check out the recently launched SafeRx brand and follow the progress of LPVs as they do their part in protecting our society from a sweeping epidemic.




The Resignation of a Brand Champion Affects Company Performance – Even in the Stock Market

Starbucks shares fall on announced CEO departure

We know that every brand needs a Champion. Someone who stands behind their company’s distinct identity, who wholly engages it, pushes its message, and makes sure it is at the forefront of everything the company does. For Starbucks, that person is none other than Howard Schultz. For more than 20 years and through two separate stints as CEO, Schultz has provided invaluable vision, guidance and leadership for the Starbucks brand. In turn, we think it’s fair to say Starbucks has done pretty well selling a fair amount of coffee.

But a Brand Champion’s actions don’t just define company performance in terms of products sold or customers served. When the news came out that Howard Schultz is stepping down, a different Starbucks metric took a hit – their stock. The departure of Schultz, a clear Brand Champion in the eyes of company shareholders, caused an initial stock plunge of 10%. Shares have since recovered, but not fully, and only because Starbucks coffee is so darn good. However, it’s clear that investor confidence took a hit after its Brand Champion announced his resignation, and that is telling of his instrument to how the company is perceived.


Starbucks shares fall on day of Schultz resignation announcement 


Stepping in as CEO is soon-to-be-former President and COO Kevin Johnson. At Brand Iron, we’ll be watching to see if he can take the brand reigns and keep an already prosperous company on the path of prominence. We know one way he can do that, and it has something to do with becoming Starbucks’ next biggest Brand Champion…


Fresh Branding: New Brand Iron Leaders and Team Members

Brand Iron is growing.

We’ve been evaluating our goals for company expansion and providing our clients with the greatest brand experience we can offer. Without further ado, we are pleased to present new senior leadership and some awesome new team members!

Patti Sundaypatti

We recruited Patti Sunday to be our Vice President of Brand Experiences. Patti specializes in brand, cause and real estate marketing in predominantly Hispanic markets, transactional strategy and ROI. She also has a deep background in print, direct, mail and radio advertising.


Mimi Gonzalezmimi

Mimi Gonzalez comes to Brand Iron as our Director of Service and Production. Mimi has utilized her skills as an entrepreneur, designer and media buyer in often multicultural Hispanic markets. She has worked in special events and interior design and excels in brand and hospitality management.


Aaron Bronsonaaeaaqaaaaaaaaehaaaajdvjzwi1mji4ltiynwetndi0mi1hnjcxltbjyznlzgm5mzhlng

Aaron Bronson is our new Creative Manager and has a breadth of experience in design. He received his BFA in graphic design from Bowling Green State University, where he was the recipient of a James W. Strong Studio Achievement Graphic Design Award. He also won a Student Bronze ADDY Award (also shown: Knox).


Brand Iron welcomes these new team members, and we all look forward to serving you, our customer, and helping you to Achieve your Anything.

Site Redesign for Hits the Peaks

In order to take a good cause to new heights, Brand Iron equipped with a site rebuild.

Several years ago, Brand Iron partnered with the Colorado 14ers Initiative, a mountainous effort to protect and sustain Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks, which sit squarely underfoot an estimated quarter million climbers per year. As a company native to Colorado, Brand Iron deemed this a cause worthy of promotion, so when the organization wanted to redesign their website, we jumped at the opportunity.

The result is a brand new platform that showcases the unique and delicate ecosystems of our highest summits and spreads awareness of the initiative’s sustainability efforts. With a look that is raw but elegant, the new appears just like the mountains it aims to protect.


Whether it’s a non-profit like the Colorado 14ers Initiative, a startup, or a large corporate entity, Brand Iron cares deeply about its clients, and we relish the opportunity to help them Achieve their Anything.

What sets the marketer and the snake oil salesman apart?

Results. Very few companies want to come off as used car salesmen, but branding and marketing are a few of the hardest things to track in terms of measurable results.

At Brand Iron, we have this little thing called BrandGO. BrandGO connects your business to your Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs. Basically, it’s the dashboard to end all dashboards. By bringing your data to life, you can clearly see how specific marketing initiatives and tactics are moving the needle and affecting your bottom line. Oh yeah, did we mention that your KPIs will finally be all in one place?

That’s all good and swell, but you’re probably asking yourself, “What’s in it for me?” right now. Let me walk you through the benefit break down.

Track Your KPIs: This equals you staying up-to-date so you can rock your company goals. Now you can see which mediums and Call to Actions are actually working and which ones aren’t.

Move The Needle: With a fancy schmancy Brand Activation Score, you can see the bigger picture of how each and every core division of your company interrelates to the next.

Ensure Accountability: We’ll cover all your bases, from sales, marketing, and operations.

Return On Investment: “Business talk” meaning more dollars in your pocket by using BrandGO. With the power of information, you can see exactly how your marketing is getting you concrete results and generating ROI.

Bottom line: You come out on top, looking like a boss.
Just like your burrito at Chipotle, BrandGO is completely customizable. Track what you want, and prioritize by what’s most important. By connecting, tracking, and growing your business efforts, Brand Iron helps you Achieve Anything with BrandGO.


Ready to get started? Check out our website for more details.




Marketing Yourself As An Alternative Investment


Marketing lives in a completely separate world from Private Equity, Real Estate Investment, and Venture Capital. However, each discipline is a different exposition of core strategic thinking. Two industries, each faced with a vast sea of competitors, deciding how to stand out from the crowd. After years of picking up new investment firm clients, it’s still difficult to change their minds when it comes to effective marketing. Let’s start with a few basic initiatives that alternative investment firms need to take to heart.

Competing For Investment $$$

First things first, you have to know where you stand. Alternative investments have a hard time defining their competition. It’s nice to think that your brand is an island in itself, untouchable. However, alternative investments not only compete with other alternative investments of all types but also against traditional investment firms as well. Your company is competing for dollars against all of these other players and in order to grow, you have to know what you’re up against.

Brand Strategy Shouldn’t Be An Afterthought

Branding an investment firm is just as important as branding any other company. Firms need to engage people in order to answer the age old question of “What’s in it for me?”. Try adding a splash of life to a dry brand story. It might surprise you how intriguing a well thought out investment philosophy can be. If you’ve got an airtight message, you’ve got it made, as long as you can communicate it effectively.

“If you’ve got an airtight message, you’ve got it made, as long as you can communicate it effectively.”

Find What Really Differentiates You

From a marketing perspective, finding what differentiates you is easier said than done. What if you have 645 years of combined experience? So does nearly everybody else. Your track record of sound investment decisions is unbeatable? Give me a break. Take some time to dive deeper and consider the little things that seem insignificant. Transparency is a scary word, but baby steps can bring you a long way in the eyes of the public and your potential portfolio investments.

Play In The Hay

Economic markets affect all of us. For investors making smart marketing moves, this public interest denotes two things. Firstly, the potential for content creation is infinite for your industry. From blog posts to podcasts and more, people always look for the most up-to-date financial information out there. This leads to my second point, which gives you, the creator of this content, the prestigious title of financial expert. Capitalize on your investment cred and create engaging content that puts you and your firm at the top.

For investment firms, marketing initiatives of any kind can make a huge impact on the industry, and for the most part, are long overdue. Communicating the message of who you are and what you believe is key, and if you’re worried, Brand Iron is always happy to help.




Branding & Marketing 101: Manufacturing Edition

The suit-wearing, martini-drinking city-slick marketer may be the first thing that pops into your head when it comes to branding and marketing. However, the modern marketer is a little more relatable in real life and asks the same foundational questions as today’s manufacturers. How do we stay competitive within our industry? Are we consistently showing who we are as a company? What do we do to keep our customers happy, all while planning for future growth? Brand Iron is proud to represent the Colorado Advanced for Manufacturing Alliance and help all manufacturers advance through marketing. As experts in the marketing industry, here are our best practices for the experts in the manufacturing field.


One of the first things to consider is who you want to talk to. This will give your marketing strategy direction, especially for manufacturers who have to take into account not only end users but B2B sales as well. Make sure your company’s message is clear and hits home for the audiences you are targeting. A Customer Relationship Manager, or CRM, is our chosen tool that helps keep track of whom your marketing is touching. For manufacturing, this can act as your company database and is incredibly helpful for understanding and respecting those important sales channels for B2B and end user customers.

it’s important to convey to the customer not only who you are and what you do, but why you’re better than your competition.


Once you figure out your target audience, the next thing to do is find the right media to communicate your message. Are you using face-to-face methods like a sales team or tradeshow presentation? Have you tapped into online resources such as social media and email? When you understand which forms of media are the most appropriate for your target customer, you can form a strategic plan to drive engagement, sales, and revenue.


Every customer is on a unique journey to make the best purchase. When manufacturers understand this process, marketing and sales become easier and more effective. Today, customers start their buying process by researching. This usually is conducted on a variety of online and offline media. When it comes to content, the substance of your messaging, it’s important to convey to the customer not only who you are and what you do, but why you’re better than your competition. From process to product, manufacturing has extraordinary potential when it comes to driving conversation through content.  Engaging content draws the eye of the customer, and hitting them during their research phase helps keep your product top of mind.


Lastly, measuring your marketing efforts is crucial. Without concrete numbers to track ROI, marketing can seem like a needle in the haystack method of driving business. By tracking email campaigns, advertising, customer leads, etc., you can see for yourself your ROI, as well as tailor your marketing plan to be more effective.

The Keys to Branding and Marketing Success
  1. Utilize your brand to achieve your goals
  2. Champion your brand
  3. Know why you’re better
  4. Develop a go-to-market strategy
  5. Make it fun and engaging
  6. Create a great brand experience
  7. Measure, grow and evolve

For the manufacturing industry, marketing can be an incredibly empowering tool as well as a key differentiator against your competitors. With these best practices, you can set your company apart and focus on always advancing.



App-X Rebrands as Altvia

Founded in 2006, App-X made a name for itself through fully integrated Salesforce-centric solutions for private equity. Within a few years, App-X was experiencing rapid growth thanks to its customer-focused approach and unique product offerings. Today, App-X emerges as Altvia and continues to solve the digital problems of private equity.

The story of Altvia’s rebrand starts at a point of critical growth. The App-X leadership team took a deep diagnostic dive into their company’s brand and decided it was time to realign the company’s message to more accurately portray their dedication to customer service and private equity solutions.

Brand Iron worked diligently to develop strategic messaging, a new logo, and an updated website to focus the brand in accordance with the company’s goals and vision.

Partnering with Brand Iron, a strategic branding and marketing company out of Denver, App-X began the transition of rebranding. They chose the name Altvia, which signifies how the company guides clients on a path to the top.  Brand Iron worked diligently to develop strategic messaging, a new logo, and an updated website to focus the brand in accordance with the company’s goals and vision. With an updated brand architecture, the Broomfield-based private equity solutions company continues to focus their clients’ experience and efficiency.

Brand Iron focused on elevating the brand’s look and feel to fit the targeted private equity audience. Altvia’s new logo displays a modern mountain design that represents each client’s ascent to success. A splash of teal blends together balance, stability, and an emphasis on forward movement. The color palette reinforces the pillars of Altvia and bring the new brand together.

On September 1st, Altvia celebrated their 10th anniversary with their new brand launch. They remain focused on growth and continuously improving private equity communications, services, and relationships.


Going The Extra 9,369 Miles

World change usually starts small, but always starts somewhere. For David Ware, President and CEO of McStain Neighborhoods, making a difference can mean going the extra mile or simply reaching out a helping hand. From there, the big dream of building a brighter future becomes tangible. Following his passion for sustainable building practices, Ware set out to go the extra 9,369 miles to put his talents to work.

9,369 miles from Denver sits the Adziwa Christian School. The school was founded as a place of learning for children whose lives have been severely impacted by AIDS. David joined the Church of the City  and their group of 10 volunteers on their mission to Lilongwe, Malawi. Broken into two teams, the volunteers helped to revitalize the school with construction and educational projects.

“I had a chance to use my skills, tangible hands-on skills, to make their lives and community better”

As the President and CEO of McStain Neighborhoods, Ware demonstrates time and time again that sustainability is something that thrives by breaking down borders. He specifically points to the barriers between professional and personal life. McStain Neighborhoods continues to push forward with the dream of building a better world through better neighborhoods. “I had a chance to use my skills, tangible hands-on skills, to make their lives and community better,” says Ware. With his trip to Malawi, Ware was able to travel, see new places, and see how the world works. He also got to cross a few items off of his personal bucket list. As he puts it, it’s all about helping a community embrace sustainability.

Back in the US, David leads McStain Neighborhoods with the philosophy that an extra mile goes a long way. When it comes to homebuilding or humanitarian projects, the work you do will last a long time, but the relationships you build will last even longer.  


The Rebranding of R&D Pipeline

Brand Iron proudly celebrates the new brand launch of R&D Pipeline. The site utility solutions company continues to lead their industry with an updated logo and streamlined company name, choosing to evolve R&D Pipeline to the condensed RD Pipeline.

RDP’s new website tells the brand’s story in a whole new way. Through their unique company history and project overviews, the family-run company shows what it takes to lead the pipeline industry.

Brand Iron’s dedicated design team went above and beyond to make sure every detail came together. The new company logo utilizes a shield background, both to convey security and pay homage to family. A distinct crest shape utilizes warm, invigorating colors to convey stability and a steadfast commitment to safety and comfort.  The resulting look conveys their strong and consistent message.

The resulting new brand truly represents the dedication RDP puts into every water, sewer, and storm project. From a family company to a multiple-crew corporation, their reputation for teamwork and quality follows wherever they go.