Best Global Brands

Interbrand, the world’s largest brand consultancy released its annual “Best Global Brands 2013” list this week – offering some big surprises for some of the world’s biggest companies. For 13 straight years, Coca Cola has held their #1 spot ahead of tech titans Google, Apple, IBM, GE, and others. In 2013, Apple has snagged the #1 spot from Coca Cola, which slid back to #3, and Google took #2.

You might ask what is involved in giving a true numerical value to a brand. While this is difficult to answer for smaller companies that have no access to competitor financial information, Interbrand uses 3 features to determine the value of these large global companies that offer much more transparency:

1. The financial performance of the product or service

2. The role the brand plays in influencing a purchase decision

3. The brand’s strength in its ability to command a premium price

With nearly 600,000,000 Apple iOS devices sold to date, it is no wonder the brand elevated its standing from years past to become the world’s most valuable brand. When Apple first appeared on the list at #36 in 2000 the brand was valued at $6.6 billion. Today at #1, the brand is worth $98.3 billion. That’s powerful, people.

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