The Power of Technology and Lead Generation

Use the power of technology to transform and accelerate your company’s lead generation. Historically, lead generation was done by word-of-mouth and later relied on print media. It was a laborious task and very time consuming. Over the years lead generation techniques have been constantly evolving. Utilizing new advances in technology for lead generation can help […]


The Importance of Strategic Partnership

How strategic partnerships give you a competitive edge. Utilizing strategic partnerships is one of the most effective strategies a successful business can have. So what is a strategic partner? They are another business or individual with whom you enter into a symbiotic, or mutually beneficial relationship with. I have strategic partnerships within both business to […]


The Rise in Semi-Flat Design

Digital trends are influenced by all kinds of things like media, user experience, fashion and technology just to name a few. Digital design is never static. Design tools and technology is constantly evolving and what styles are popular evolves with it. Over the past year we’ve seen a decrease in photo-realistic designs and a boon […]

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SplitSmart Makes an Impression During Denver Startup Week

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Brand Iron helps SplitSmart enter Denver Startup Week.  Entering its 6th year, Denver Startup Week brings together CEOs, entrepreneurs and innovators who all share the same goal: creating a new business. Family Court Compliance come to Brand Iron with the goal of entering an informational video into the Denver Startup Week Pitch Competition. In preparation […]