The Rise in Semi-Flat Design

Digital trends are influenced by all kinds of things like media, user experience, fashion and technology just to name a few. Digital design is never static. Design tools and technology is constantly evolving and what styles are popular evolves with it. Over the past year we’ve seen a decrease in photo-realistic designs and a boon […]

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SplitSmart Makes an Impression During Denver Startup Week

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Brand Iron helps SplitSmart enter Denver Startup Week.  Entering its 6th year, Denver Startup Week brings together CEOs, entrepreneurs and innovators who all share the same goal: creating a new business. Family Court Compliance come to Brand Iron with the goal of entering an informational video into the Denver Startup Week Pitch Competition. In preparation […]


How a Business Card can Spark a Connection

When branded well, a small card can make a big difference.  First Impressions Whether in your career or social life, first impressions set the scene for all future interactions. Within seconds of a first meeting, a prospective client or customer has already begun evaluating and forming an opinion of you and your business. A business […]


How Startups can Leverage the Power of Social Media

Harness the power of social media. A guide for startup companies. September is ‘the month of startups,’ and we’d like to kick it off by highlighting how new businesses can maximize the potential of social media. By now, it is evident that having a social media strategy is no longer optional for businesses. A plethora […]


4 Steps to Effectively Brand a Startup Business

Creating and launching a new business is an exciting and scary time for founders. Unfortunately, many new business will struggle in the first few years and over half of new business fail. At Brand Iron, we’re interested in helping up that number. It is important to know what separates companies that dive into the red […]


Utilizing Automated Marketing to Generate Leads and Nurture Relationships

You’ve heard about automated marketing, but have you ever thought about using it for your own company? A Great Place to Start: What is Marketing Automation? Automated marketing is a tool that allows you to automate, streamline, and measure your marketing actions to increase revenue and operational efficiency. In a nutshell, it allows you to […]