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The Power of Simplified Branding

From the desk of Michael Doyle:  If you hadn’t noticed campaign season is kicking in, which means it’s time for political advertising and marketing to get started. It is fascinating to pay attention and observe how candidates “brand and package” themselves. In many cases, the branding and packaging efforts are lack luster. Politicians produce contradictory […]


How to Cheat Your Numbers

How to Cheat Your Sales Numbers and Increase Your Odds of Success As a branding agency, we think of branding and marketing as a way to support sales and drive revenue. By thoroughly understanding your company’s revenue goals, you can learn how to work backwards to “cheat your sales numbers” and make sure your efforts […]


Social Media Mistakes

You would have to live in a bubble to not know about the recent scandal with former Senator Anthony Weiner.  The past month has been an on-going explosion of his social media mistakes that for some reason he thought would be kept private as long as they were not sent from his personal account. For […]


Taglines That Stand the Test of Time

A few months ago Forbes Magazine coordinated with a group of chief marketing officers and advertising executives to compile a list of the 25 best-ever advertising taglines.  Not only are the results of their compilation memorable but it goes to show that the best taglines are those that truly span generations. In reviewing the list […]


Michael Doyle Talks

This past Spring Michael spoke to a group of CEO’s with the National Ground Water Association. Kathy Butcher with the NGWA had this to say about Michael, “Michael was extraordinary when he addressed our CEO Forum in April. He provided the insight they needed to realistically evaluate the potential of their current business models and […]