DH Glabe & Associates Exceed Their Goals with Brand Iron

DH Glabe & Associates has been at the forefront of the specialty construction industry for over 30 years with engineered projects ranging from capitol building scaffolding to firefighter training facilities.


DH Glabe & Associates wanted to capitalize on their respectable reputation and take their brand identity nationwide, beyond referrals and word of mouth. They enlisted Brand Iron to enrich their brand experience and help them expand to new markets across the United States.


Working with DH Glabe & Associates toward their Achieve Anything of outward expansion, Brand Iron assessed, planned, and executed their brand strategy. By calling attention to their untarnished credibility with a new corporate identity, Brand Iron simultaneously developed efficient management teams so that DH Glabe & Associates had both the method and means to increase their customer base.


Brand Iron forged DH Glabe’s strategic marketing through a new website, public relations strategy, marketing materials, and operations consulting. With Brand Iron’s powerful branding tools, DH Glabe grew their revenue by 53% while increasing their EBITDA financial health indicator by 12X in four years.

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