Brand Iron Partners with Garbanzo for a Fresh New Brand

Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill is a fast casual Mediterranean restaurant based in Colorado with franchise locations across the country.


Garbanzo came to Brand Iron with the goal of refreshing their brand in an effort to improve same store sales and future expansion. Garbanzo needed their new brand, marketing, and customer experience to match their healthy and vibrant food.


To first gain an understanding of their short and long term goals, Brand Iron sat down with Garbanzo's management in a signature BrandStormâ„¢session. Strengths and weaknesses were identified, and Brand Iron started refining both strategic messaging and brand architecture. Brand Iron developed a new brand name with an emphasis on fresh Mediterranean food with a logo, tagline, and color palette to match. Brand Iron provided strategic operational alignment, photography direction, along with a new website and an updated online ordering system to invigorate the new brand.


Brand Iron introduced the new brand, Garbanzo Fresh Mediterranean, with a new look and feel which boasted a new company message and market position: Garbanzo Fresh Mediterranean is bold, vibrant and healthy.

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