Center6 Partners with Brand Iron to Launch New Technology Platform

Center6 is a developer of popular software for homebuilders called informXL. informXL plugs into an organization’s database and outputs data in a simple, organized Excel format that makes it uniquely actionable and easy to use.


As a small company, Center6 was ready to grow. Center6 partnered with Brand Iron to create marketing direction and technology-focused visual communications to bring informXL to market.


Brand Iron developed strategic messaging around Center6’s unique and fresh approach to software as a service, with a focus on ease of use. By launching new products targeted to both current and new customers, Brand Iron promoted their website as a lead generation tool. Brand Iron initiated public relations strategy, market positioning, a new corporate name and identity, as well as a new website.


With a new corporate identity and improvements to graphic communication, Center6 successfully reached an increase in sales and has improved systems to help clients manage information. Brand Iron helped Center6 achieve increased software sales by 450% over 3 years.

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