Lariat Partners & Brand Iron Team Up for Growth and Success

A private equity firm based in Denver, CO, the company formerly known as RedCloud Capital was looking to position their new firm for success in the Private Equity market. Since 2004, RedCloud has focused on building industry leaders by investing in rapidly growing companies with proven business models and management teams capable of sustaining a high rate of growth.


RedCloud Capital had clear business and fundraising goals, but no road map to reach them. Their existing company name was not reflective of their business philosophy, and they were in need of a brand identity and tools to sell their unique differentiators to potential investors and management teams.


Brand Iron defined key differentiators in order to create a new company name, Lariat Partners, that tells the new story of RedCloud Capital’s brand. Brand Iron focused on Lariat Partners’ unique and fresh approach to Private Equity, which was different from any other competitor. Brand Iron helped establish credibility within the investor market through uniquely designed collateral.


Brand Iron turned Lariat Partners’ new brand into an efficiency-driving revenue force. With Brand Iron’s help, they achieved their investment goals in half the expected time. Working with Lariat Partners, Brand Iron established a brand with unlimited potential for growth and success.

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