PCHA Chooses Brand Iron to Inform & Engage New Audiences

Pediatric Congenital Heart Association was founded to be the voice of the pediatric patient population born with heart conditions. Through collaboration in education, research and advocacy, PCHA wanted to reduce the impact of congenital heart disease in pediatric patients.


To capture the attention of both a public and legislative audience, Pediatric Congenital Heart Association needed the marketing tools to be seen as an esteemed non-profit organization worthy of awareness and donations.


To create a brand identity as a non-profit organization, Brand Iron defined key differentiators and designed a unique sales and marketing plan which culminated with the launch of a modernized website. With an award-winning new logo design, PCHA was ready to distinguish their brand as an influential healthcare organization.


Pediatric Congenital Heart Association implemented new collateral from Brand Iron to quadruple their government funding with the authoritative voice their non-profit brand needed. PCHA engaged over 120 new patient partners, and became eligible to apply for funding from the Department of Defense for $200 million.

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