Revive Gets A Fresh Start with help from Brand Iron

Revive was developed in 1972 in response to a water shortage in Denver, CO. Revive has applied their solution-centered way of thinking to bring green back to consumers’ lawns and gardens.


Stagnant company branding and packaging was holding Revive back from their sales reach and growth potential. As the company prepared to expand into new regions and add new product lines, they needed fresh packaging to boost brand relevance.


By addressing the company’s packaging needs, Brand Iron helped Revive stand apart with a differentiated strategy in a saturated marketplace. Our industry research led to the design of a completely new look and feel for the company, along with a new way to communicate their brand identity to all consumers.


By rebranding and packaging Revive with a fresh look, the company has prepared to expand into new markets. The new logo and packaging designs work together to highlight the vibrant new brand identity and drive sales across all three main product lines.

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