TreadWright Drives Success with Brand Iron

TreadWright has redefined the remold tire industry by manufacturing high-quality, innovative and environmentally friendly tires at a consumer-friendly price point.


Office relocation caused production downtime and a drop in sales for TreadWright. They needed to regain trust from their loyal customers and drive traffic to their website by utilizing a more advanced social media marketing strategy.


Brand Iron engaged with dedicated customers for photo and video entries showcasing passion for the TreadWright brand. A brand voice was created by enhancing social media through engaging videos, interesting articles, tips and promotions.


With successful social media direction and strategy from Brand Iron, TreadWright’s posts reached 2852% more people on average across all social media platforms. Brand Iron brought their total social media reach up by 1535%, and number of site visits by 850%, effectively using their social media as a powerful online marketing platform.

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