This 4/20, Brand Iron is Proud to Introduce

The legal cannabis market was worth an estimated $7.2 billion in 2016. It is projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 17% and reach a $50 billion valuation within the next decade. Adult recreational sales are estimated to jump from $2.6 billion in 2016 to $11.2 billion by 2020, by which time the industry as a whole is projected to create more jobs than manufacturing.

We think it’s safe to say that the cannabis industry is booming. There is incredible incentive for investors to get in on the action, and those who do are enjoying returns unrivaled in most any other industry.

It is important now, more than ever, for legal cannabis growers, processors, manufacturers, dispensaries and business operators to differentiate themselves in a crowded market. Enter, Brand Iron’s new addition to our service platform that aims to educate industry leaders on the importance of telling their story the right and professional way.

And telling a compelling story is important – in fact, it’s crucial, and it’s what separates Brand Iron’s presentation decks from others of the like. Over the years, Brand Iron has developed over 100 Capital Raise, Management and Analyst Decks that have helped companies raise over 2 billion dollars, allowed 20 businesses to get acquired and 6 to go public. These powerful presentation tools are perfect for startups, emerging companies who want to raise growth capital, alternative investment companies, companies looking to get acquired or go public, and especially organizations in the flourishing legal cannabis industry.

“High powered, successful investors have some common habits: They ask questions, a LOT of questions. As it relates to cannabis as a newer industry, the education section of these presentations often needs to be longer than in other industries. A professional Capital Raise Deck facilitates control of the room. It educates. It covers proforma projections. It drives the discussion and ultimately enhances the outcome which is either raising capital, getting acquired or going public.”
-Michael Doyle, Brand Iron CEO

The cannabis industry is here and growing. Business-savvy investors are looking to get involved in this veritable gold rush, but they want to invest in a professional brand they understand and believe in. With presentations like those created by Brand Iron, you can tell your organization’s story the right way. Check out to learn how.

To find out more about how Brand Iron can help you Achieve your Anything, visit or get in touch @ 303-534-1901.

CRS Rebrands to Promote a Fresh, Bold and Community-oriented Approach to Insurance Brokering

Brand Iron teamed up with the local insurance brokerage to craft a new brand, website, and bold exterior signage that sell their relationship-driven services.

For the past six months, Brand Iron has been working with CRS Insurance on a total re-brand. As our team started learning all about the local insurance brokerage, what stuck out most was how much they care about celebrating their community. Through dedicating time and resources to charities and other philanthropic endeavours involving children, shelter and second chances, they say many of their favorite corporate memories revolve around time spent inside their community and outside their office.

This was a sizeable factor to consider when the re-brand began. A lot of businesses dictate the importance of being active in their communities, but it was immediately apparent that CRS walks the walk.

Of course, from time to time, you gotta get down to business, too. We started by matching the symbol of CRS, their new logo, with the company’s emerging bold and “active” business identity in an attempt to make it more recognizable within their field.

We followed suit with their new website, sticking with strong colors and impactful typefaces, and making sure potential customers are drawn to a visual and intellectual message.

Finally, we developed signage that is currently on display at CRS’ Denver office and proudly displays a new era for the company and its identity.

“Everyone here at CRS is really excited about our new brand.  The infusion of color and simplicity really stands out compared to our old logo and the majority of our peers.  Brand Iron was thorough in their research of our company, our processes, our industry, and our competitors when creating our color scheme, logo, and website.  Their input was instrumental in helping us clarify the message that we put out into the world; how we are different and why that is important.”
– Eric Johnson, CRS Insurance

CRS earns its livelihood by working to alleviate the pain that keeps businesses from reaching peak profitability and efficiency. This level of care toward their clients, partners and colleagues was apparent throughout the re-brand process.  We are eager to watch CRS move forward anew in an exciting and invigorating market.

Brand Iron Introduces

With a new website highlighting powerful presentation tools for raising capital, getting acquired or going public, Brand Iron exposes a lesser known sector of its business-backed brand strategy and services.

Over the years, Brand Iron has developed over 100 presentation decks that have helped companies raise over 2 billion dollars, allowed 20 companies get acquired and 6 to go public.

If anyone truly understands the impact and value of these results, it’s our clients. Stemming from their success, Brand Iron is proud to announce the introduction of to its service platform. The new site highlights some lesser known but extremely valuable services that we provide our clients: Investor Raise Decks and Management & Analyst Presentations.

These powerful tools are perfect for startups, emerging companies who want to raise growth capital, alternative investment companies like Real Estate, Private Equity, Venture Capital, etc., or companies looking to get acquired or go public.

Our expertise with capital raise presentations all started when Brand Iron CEO Michael Doyle sold his first company:

“It was during the ‘dot com’ days, and I subsequently became the [company’s] National Brand Director. One of my main roles while running the dot com’s brand was to develop presentations for both Wall Street executives and analysts in support of the company’s IPO. I learned a lot about how to package your story, communicate both your key differentiators and value points, and highlight your organization’s key features and benefits.”

Telling your story in the right way is the key to success. Find out how we can help you Achieve your Anything with Brand Iron by visiting and or calling us @ 303-534-1901.

McStain Neighborhoods Emerges Fresh and Strong from the Housing Crisis with a Brand Update and Capital Raise Deck

With Brand Iron’s expertise, the savvy Colorado real estate developers and home builders have a strategic plan to drive business success, raise capital and invigorate their communities.

For McStain Neighborhoods, 2017 is looking bright. They have a shiny new brand and logo, their business pipeline is strong, and they are emerging resurgent in a housing market in full recovery mode. In fact, only four years after hitting historic lows, 2016 saw the biggest increase in national home prices in nine years.

The national rise in real estate prices is encouraging the creation of more housing communities, and developers in affected markets are again beginning steady construction. McStain Neighborhoods is one such developer. Since 1966, the Colorado Front Range builders have maintained that homebuilding is more than just a business – it is a passion fueled by the belief that a better world can be built by rethinking the very nature of community.

Mcstain creates places where people feel more connected to each other, and that’s why it felt natural for us at Brand Iron to help them rebrand and position themselves for capital growth and resurgence in a recovering market.

“This was not your typical rebrand experience. It was engaging, robust and invigorating. Other branding agencies only focus on the pretty picture and one message. With Brand Iron’s process, important questions are answered and you complete the entire business cycle: internal, investors, trade and industry relations.”
-David Ware, CEO of McStain Neighborhoods

The McStain team had been working closely with Barb Anderson, president of Anderson Marketing Solutions, and they came to us in order to redefine and reinvigorate their brand positioning and stance in a sophisticated and challenging market. In order to do so, we determined that, in an industry defined by community, human capital is paramount and would contribute to McStain’s new strategy above all else. So, we crafted strategic messaging that was consistently “people-centric” in order to create business and drive revenue.

It was also crucial to create a brand that would “measure out,” i.e. not only position the company for growth, but also create a meaningful platform that every member of the McStain team could stand behind. We did this by integrating the entire company into our shared process, from internal HR to the builders themselves. We also designed a new logo and developed an in-depth, market-specific plan to raise money and position the company for growth with a Capital Raise Deck.

“When looking at your business across all avenues, working with [Brand Iron CEO] Michael Doyle is important because he is not from the creative side of the marketing industry. Brand Iron embraces the reality that there is a business to run and the priority of impacting ROI for us and our investors. The capital Raise deck created by Brand Iron was an important component of that.”
-David Ware, CEO of McStain Neighborhoods

With a holistic, collaborative process, Brand Iron and McStain Neighborhoods worked together to develop a collective strategic business strategy, capital raise presentation and an overall company brand that will continue to be an integral part to their success. We wish them the very best, and we hope that, in the future, your organization is proactive in taking that first step toward achieving your full potential.

App-X Rebrands as Altvia

Founded in 2006, App-X made a name for itself through fully integrated Salesforce-centric solutions for private equity. Within a few years, App-X was experiencing rapid growth thanks to its customer-focused approach and unique product offerings. Today, App-X emerges as Altvia and continues to solve the digital problems of private equity.

The story of Altvia’s rebrand starts at a point of critical growth. The App-X leadership team took a deep diagnostic dive into their company’s brand and decided it was time to realign the company’s message to more accurately portray their dedication to customer service and private equity solutions.

Brand Iron worked diligently to develop strategic messaging, a new logo, and an updated website to focus the brand in accordance with the company’s goals and vision.

Partnering with Brand Iron, a strategic branding and marketing company out of Denver, App-X began the transition of rebranding. They chose the name Altvia, which signifies how the company guides clients on a path to the top.  Brand Iron worked diligently to develop strategic messaging, a new logo, and an updated website to focus the brand in accordance with the company’s goals and vision. With an updated brand architecture, the Broomfield-based private equity solutions company continues to focus their clients’ experience and efficiency.

Brand Iron focused on elevating the brand’s look and feel to fit the targeted private equity audience. Altvia’s new logo displays a modern mountain design that represents each client’s ascent to success. A splash of teal blends together balance, stability, and an emphasis on forward movement. The color palette reinforces the pillars of Altvia and bring the new brand together.

On September 1st, Altvia celebrated their 10th anniversary with their new brand launch. They remain focused on growth and continuously improving private equity communications, services, and relationships.


The Rebranding of R&D Pipeline

Brand Iron proudly celebrates the new brand launch of R&D Pipeline. The site utility solutions company continues to lead their industry with an updated logo and streamlined company name, choosing to evolve R&D Pipeline to the condensed RD Pipeline.

RDP’s new website tells the brand’s story in a whole new way. Through their unique company history and project overviews, the family-run company shows what it takes to lead the pipeline industry.

Brand Iron’s dedicated design team went above and beyond to make sure every detail came together. The new company logo utilizes a shield background, both to convey security and pay homage to family. A distinct crest shape utilizes warm, invigorating colors to convey stability and a steadfast commitment to safety and comfort.  The resulting look conveys their strong and consistent message.

The resulting new brand truly represents the dedication RDP puts into every water, sewer, and storm project. From a family company to a multiple-crew corporation, their reputation for teamwork and quality follows wherever they go. 

What We Learned at the Restaurant Technology Conference

On July 21st, Denver’s restaurant industry came together for the Colorado Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Technology Summit. All gathered in the Embassy Suites’ crystal ballroom for an action-packed day of panels, keynotes, and networking.

As a marketer, I consider myself to be competent, if not competitive in regards to technology. The first thing I noticed was all the different ways technology had grown into the restaurant industry. From workforce and schedule management to SEO for websites, technology security, and digital marketing, the tech world has taken one of the most human-based industries by force. While in the audience, it was easy to see how technology permeates day-to-day operations and is one of the few individual factors that contributes to a restaurant’s success.

A collection of four logos, ZUUS, Snooze, Goodtimes, and talent reef, representing the panel on time and attendance.CEO of Sirvo, Stephanie Maxwell, moderated the first panel of the day. Her panel concerned the future of staff recruiting in the restaurant industry. Afterwards, Rachel Skinner, CEO of ZUUS Workforce, joined Regional Director Bri Borin of Snooze, COO Scott LeFever of Good Times, and Solution Consultant Erin Wattles of talentReef to discuss how today’s technology helps restaurants attract, hire, and manage the most effective team. Skinner has worked with restaurant owners and managers to implement cloud-based software for more than eight years. Bringing her experience to the table, Skinner gave practical advice on how to choose the right solution for your company. In addition, she emphasized the importance of management and training and using these tools to ensure successful adoption of technology.

CEO of ZUUS dynamic scheduling Rachael Skinner speaks on using technology to improve customer experience.Throughout the rest of the day, industry experts got up in front of the audience and expressed the importance of implementing the best technologies into restaurant culture.  The biggest topic of the day was social media, and consequently, restauranteurs paid attention to these panels most of all. Speakers insisted that restaurateurs employ “free advertising” tactics and utilize platforms to the fullest.

All in all, the biggest takeaways from the summit are twofold. Technology is not this looming unnecessary evil, but rather a tool that makes it easier to run and maintain a successful restaurant. The second takeaway centers around the effort of implementation. So often, restaurants find themselves unable to implement the change they want. It’s just easier to stick with the stagnant practices they already have. As a result, technological roadblocks form due to lack of coordination on all levels of restaurant operations, sales and marketing. The EMV technology discussion reiterated this message through managing online reputation talks, and the final data trends presentation.

As the Tech Summit came to a close, the crowd started to disperse with their takeaways from the day’s session. They will be back, along with the CRA, restaurateurs, and vendors come November for the Colorado Restaurant Show.


The RiNo Revolution


A revolution starts with a single spark. Brand Iron is proud to be a part of Revolution360, River North’s premier office and retail project.


Working alongside Haselden Construction, IMA Financial Group, and JLL, Brand Iron got to work, bringing the Revolution360 brand to life. Located in the quickly developing RiNo neighborhood of Denver, the premier office and retail space soon to inhabit 36th and Brighton provides a Class-A experience for companies looking to balance the Colorado lifestyle with a cosmopolitan workspace.

The $60M plot will transform into a 156,000-square-foot office and retail space. Look for the ribbon cutting halfway through 2018.

According to The Denver Business Journal, the $60M plot will be transformed into a 156,000-square-foot office and retail space. With easy access to RTD airport commuter rail as well as highway entry, Revolution360 offers flexibility and modern convenience. The prime location is just steps away from the heart of the city. Look for the ribbon cutting halfway through 2018. 

With a strategy infused with creative execution, Brand Iron focused on developing a brand identity through name conceptualization, logo creation, website design and development, and market positioning. By seamlessly blending the unique design culture of River North with corporate class appeal, Revolution360 turns traditional on its head in this answer to Denver’s newest niche.


To learn more, visit





Playing Tag: Facebook’s New Rules for Native Ads

Facebook has some new rules for native ads, finally conceding to the old adage that advertisers hold dear: content is king.

Until recently, Facebook prohibited publishers from posting paid articles designed to mirror the look of editorial content. This type of purchased content can make it more difficult for consumers to tell advertising and non-paid content apart. This “branded content” is usually posted to social media platforms from powerful influencers like celebrities, spokespeople or the marketers themselves.

This “branded content” is usually posted to social media platforms from powerful influencers like celebrities, spokespeople or the marketers themselves.

Facebook’s policy update has rewritten the rules to allow these influencers and brands to post native ads as long as they simply tag the brand or company paying for the content. Facebook’s brand tagging process works exactly the same as tagging someone in a regular post, making the new rules and regulations simple for everyone to follow.

It is the intention of Facebook to make these native ads more transparent, as well as incentivize marketers to make the highest quality content. Though some major changes are being made, the social media company has said that some rules will stay the same, such as prohibiting the use of excessive watermarks, using advertisements as preroll to videos, and using branded content as cover or profile pictures.  

As far as enforcement, Facebook may have quite a job on their hands if marketers do not consistently follow the new set of rules. Only time will tell how the new native advertising process is received by both the Facebook and marketing communities.

Michael Doyle Speaks at Daniels College of Business

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business on Brand Iron’s marketing process and the ins and outs of strategic branding. When Graduate Professor Lora Louise Broady reached out to me about speaking in one of her brand management classes, I couldn’t have been more excited. As part of a roundtable discussion on branding, I was one of three industry experts selected to speak to her class of 50 students. My presentation was focused around my experience in the professional world of marketing and explain the importance of strategy when it comes to branding. The goal was to not only teach students about the structure of an agency but to explain business interactions and talk about crafting relationships with both clients and brands themselves. For some students, it was their first face-to-face encounter with advertising and marketing professionals.

The classroom is one of my favorite venues for speaking engagements because getting to talk with students is so much fun for me. Soon they will hit the ground running in the real world and before you know it, they’ll be the ones driving industry change with their fresh point of view and unlimited creativity. Grad students especially demonstrate an incommunicable amount of passion, and it was evident that they were eager to listen and learn when I got up to share my story.

daniels-logo-colorI’d like to thank Professor Broady’s class and the Daniels College of Business for having me. I hope I was able to offer insight and inspiration into the work of strategic branding and marketing, as well as provide clarity into the idea behind forging brands and driving revenue.