The Importance of Strategic Partnership

How strategic partnerships give you a competitive edge.

Utilizing strategic partnerships is one of the most effective strategies a successful business can have. So what is a strategic partner? They are another business or individual with whom you enter into a symbiotic, or mutually beneficial relationship with. I have strategic partnerships within both business to consumer and business to business channels. This helps grow our business at a low cost. Business who do not leverage these working relationships are making more work for themselves. Below are a few examples of the different kinds of partnership you can develop to help elevate your business to the next level:

1. Promotional Partners- Work with a partner to host a joint event. These types of partnerships work well if your companies cater to similar audiences or audiences who build off each other. If you’re an American Express customer, you’ve see this type of partnership in action all the time. Partners host events that create a unique dining experience, entertainment, or sporting event all in the hopes to create a perfect experience to draw new business. This is powerful in reaching a new audience you may otherwise not had access too.

2. Referral Partners- When complementary businesses or individuals refer new customers and perspective leads to each other. Technology partners use this type of referral all the time. A company like Microsoft refers business to a Microsoft certified partner who can implement a particular product or service and vice versa. These referrals are powerful because there is a pre-established feeling of trust towards the company and it makes the sales process much smoother.  

3. Data Partners- Two strategic partners exchange databases in order to bolster their sphere of influence. Besides the benefits of growing the size of your company database, you can also run co-branded campaigns via email, print, or online. These partnerships dramatically increase the reach of your brand and boost overall brand awareness.

4. Joint Venture Partners- This type of partnership usually comes as the result of doing years of business together. Both companies share the costs, risks, and rewards of a mutual investment or business venture.

5. Business Partners- These partnerships usually take the longest to form. They’re the final step to solidifying a good strategic partnership. After going through the different “dating” stages of strategic partnerships, you are now ready to formalize the relationship by becoming true business partners working together as actual partners.

Now that you know about the different types of strategic partnerships, what do you plan to do to take your business to the next level? Regardless of your industry, working with a like minded strategic partner will give your company a competitive advantage. Brand Iron can help expand your brand’s reach and diversify your growth initiatives. Call 303-534-1901 or visit to see how we can help.

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How A Persuasive Pitch Deck Drives Results

Raising money is a continuous process that is necessary for any company to grow. A strong and compelling pitch deck is how you will be able to present company goals to investors in order to get the funding you need.

A pitch deck is a brief overview presentation that provides investors with a clear understanding of what your business is all about. Typically, pitch decks are 15-25 slides and showcase your company’s product, technology, business plan and team in a clear, concise and persuasive presentation. Raising capital is no easy task, so it is important that your pitch deck is engaging. The content should provide guidance for your investors, driving them to want to write a check.

We recently completed a pitch deck for our client, Baceline Investments. Here is a breakdown of some of the key sections. The first section focused on conveying to investors who Baceline Investments is as well as what their 5-year growth plan and vision is. This gives investors an overview of their goals and the strategy which they will implement to reach those benchmarks. The next slides share their story—who they are, how they evolved and the 20-year proven track record of success.

The pitch deck then moves onto their financial models, showing investors key performance indicators, graphs and monthly performance figures. For a company like Baceline Investments, having concrete numbers supporting their case is very persuasive and easy for investors to get behind and support. The last big section of their pitch deck explained to investors what their success will look like when they reach their 5 year goals. Their pitch deck incorporated their brand’s look and feel with consistent messaging to relay to investors their expertise and vision.


A strong pitch deck will be persuasive and complete as well as clear and concise. The entire point of a pitch deck is to convince investors that you have identified a problem and created a solution that they would be foolish not to invest in. Your pitch deck needs to focus on your business ideas and look at the complete picture. It’s easy to get bogged down in design elements but no matter how creative your deck is, it’s worthless if you don’t engage your audience. You have to be meaningful with every element of the pitch deck so every slide is telling an important part of a larger story.

At Brand Iron, everything we product for our clients is results-driven. We have completed over 50 pitch decks for our clients and are experts in building compelling pitch decks that tell the story of your company in a visually appealing way. Each pitch deck presents a complete brand image and messaging. It’s tailored for each client to get results.

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Site Redesign for Hits the Peaks

In order to take a good cause to new heights, Brand Iron equipped with a site rebuild.

Several years ago, Brand Iron partnered with the Colorado 14ers Initiative, a mountainous effort to protect and sustain Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks, which sit squarely underfoot an estimated quarter million climbers per year. As a company native to Colorado, Brand Iron deemed this a cause worthy of promotion, so when the organization wanted to redesign their website, we jumped at the opportunity.

The result is a brand new platform that showcases the unique and delicate ecosystems of our highest summits and spreads awareness of the initiative’s sustainability efforts. With a look that is raw but elegant, the new appears just like the mountains it aims to protect.


Whether it’s a non-profit like the Colorado 14ers Initiative, a startup, or a large corporate entity, Brand Iron cares deeply about its clients, and we relish the opportunity to help them Achieve their Anything.

Lyle Wallace, Brand Champion of Baker Hostetler

Lawyers sometimes get a bad rap. One partner at Baker Hostetler is doing all that he can to change that by becoming the law firm’s Brand Champion. As a partner at Baker Hostetler, Lyle has demonstrated leadership and initiative through his extensive professional and community involvement. Of the many things he has learned throughout the course of his career, Lyle is certain that excelling in the workplace isn’t the only way to create more impact for your brand. Investing time and energy into the surrounding community raises the morale and visibility of your brand. Like Lyle, you can establish your brand in the community and become a Brand Champion by following these guidelines:

Do Something You’re Passionate About.

Whether your interest lies in civil rights, mental health, or the environment, supporting a cause that resonates with you and your company will align your brand with relevant audiences. Lyle is passionate about promoting entrepreneurialism and non-profit causes affecting “at-risk” youth. He currently serves on the Board of Colorado Companies to Watch promoting entrepreneurialism by recognizing 50 second stage growth companies each year. Wallace also serves on the Board of Denver Urban Scholars and The Mile High Five Foundation, both of which focus on supporting Colorado’s “at-risk” youth populations. His prior involvement as a Board Member of Youth Opportunity Foundation and Denver Active 20-30 Children’s Foundation helped foster his passion for helping kids. By getting involved with something you’re passionate about, staying dedicated becomes inevitable.

Make it Fun.

Not all community service has to be from behind the desk. Lyle and a group of like-minded professionals, driven by their desire to give back, created a novel event in Denver. What started out as “Friday Night Fights” supporting the Morgan Adams Foundation transformed into the Mile High Five Foundation and its signature annual event, Mile High MMAyhem. This black-tie steak dinner is a one-of-a-kind Denver event that features mixed martial arts bouts to raise money for an elected charity beneficiary. The novel nature of the event brings together sponsors and guests alike, ensuring  a good time that makes giving back fun.

Collaborate and Network.

By serving on the Board of Directors for Colorado Companies to Watch and formerly as the Chairman of the Board of the Cherry Creek Chamber of Commerce, Lyle has made professional and community involvement a central component of his legal practice. Networking is a natural part of community involvement and the connections created have helped Lyle promote the Baker Hostetler brand. As a Brand Champion, Wallace knows the power of networking and utilizes collaboration to maximize his company’s brand potential. As a business owner, you can expand your brand by taking advantage of community involvement opportunities and engaging in Denver’s thriving nonprofit scene. Get involved like a true Brand Champion and see how both your company and community benefit from brand action.

CAMA Spurs a Discussion on the Importance of a Skilled Trade Workforce

unnamed_23Brand Iron and the Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Alliance are working together to push the manufacturing industry into a new age of innovation. Check out how CAMA’s leaders spur a discussion on the importance of skilled trade in manufacturing, and the shortage of a middle-skills workforce on Colorado Public Radio.

irvIn two pieces by CPR, the spotlight turns to manufacturing in Colorado. By discussing the well-paying jobs that go unfilled within the manufacturing workforce, Paul Harter and the board of directors at CAMA are rising to meet the challenges manufacturers will face in the not-so-distant future. With a focus on innovation and preparing the next generation for fulfilling careers as highly skilled technicians, CAMA and the Colorado manufacturing industry hope to promote cooperation and creativity that will push advancement of modern manufacturing forward.


Brand Iron Has Big News!


In case you missed it this week, Garbanzo announced that they have chosen Brand Iron as their branding and marketing agency. We are thrilled to be working with them! The release was sent on March 10 and is generating a buzz! The news has been featured in:

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 1.45.35 PM

Yahoo Finance


Denver Post

Market Watch

You can read the release in its entirety, below.

Denver-based Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill, a Mediterranean fast-casual restaurant concept, announced today that it has appointed Brand Iron as its branding and marketing agency.

“It is great to see the excitement and energy that Brand Iron has for Garbanzo,” says Bob Bafundo, the president of Garbanzo. “Brand Iron has an impressive reputation, and we are thrilled to work with them. Garbanzo has a bright future and we are glad to have the Brand Iron team to help grow our company.”

Garbanzo will be entering into a rebranding phase with Brand Iron. The rebranding will include expanding the new restaurant design prototype to other Garbanzo locations, new marketing initiatives and redesigning the Garbanzo logo.

“We are very excited to be working with Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill,” says Rob Terranova, chief operations officer of Brand Iron. “Garbanzo has a great history of providing fresh, healthy food to its guests and we look forward to being a part of its successful future.”

Brand Iron, a brand consulting and marketing firm in Denver, will manage all marketing initiatives, advertising, public relations efforts and social media for Garbanzo.

“We are thrilled about this partnership opportunity with Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill,” says Michael Doyle, CEO of Brand Iron. “It aligns perfectly with our results oriented model.”

Brand Iron Hawaiian BBQ

We had a great time at our Hawaiian BBQ last Friday, August 14! Thank you to all our partners and clients for joining our team!

Thank you to A Perfect Pear for the incredible catering. Our BBQ was complete with avocado roll-ups, pulled pork sliders, Hawaiian chicken kabobs, coconut shrimp, mango salsa, pineapple guac and Kahlua pecan brown sugar baked brie!

Here are pictures from the event:

Brand Iron Spring Fiesta

We had such a great time last night at our Spring Fiesta on the Los Chingones rooftop!

The house made margaritas were flowing and tacos, chips, salsa and guac were served. Everything complemented the spirit of our lively aztec theme. The energy of the people and venue was highly evident!

Earlier this week, the weather was forecasted to be 43 degrees and snowing. But, we lucked out with highs in the 60s and sunny! You have to love the ever-changing Colorado weather!

We truly value all of our partnerships! It is a pleasure to work with you, and we greatly enjoyed your company.

Check out shots from the party:

The very ornate invite:


Can’t forget the drink tickets:


We raffled off a Patron, margarita mix and lime-packed gift basket:


Our guests received these fun mini-Patron party favors:


The party commences!



The Brand Iron team huddled together:


And the party continues on:



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Spring Leeds Career Trek Stops at Brand Iron!

Last Friday, Brand Iron hosted a stop on the Spring Leeds Career Trek to the Denver Area for CU-Boulder Students. The Spring Leeds Career Trek is an initiative of the Career Development Office at the Leeds School of Business to jumpstart students’ career paths during college by touring applicable hiring companies for a hands-on experience.

Thanks for stopping by – we enjoyed spending time with all of you!

Check out the photos below:


1 (10)

2 (3)

Guest Blog by Eric Nesbitt

Denver’s Commercial Real Estate Market –
Better than You Might Think
by Eric Nesbitt, President and CEO, The Nesbitt Group

Despite the uncertainty and unpredictability of the national economy, Denver’s commercial real estate market continues to remain steady, particularly in the office and industrial sectors. Although many local large companies are holding off on major real estate decisions, Denver’s commercial real estate market continues to perform well compared to other markets in the country, where vacancies are higher and rents are decreasing.

Denver office and industrial properties continued to positive absorption of vacant space in the third quarter, while retail space such as shopping centers and malls had negative absorption. Retail space is more consumer-oriented than other commercial property types and, therefore, more affected by the economy and consumer problems such as housing foreclosures. However, Colorado’s improving housing market should benefit the retail sector. The state’s foreclosure rate has shown significant improvement this year, and many analysts believe the Denver-area housing market is ahead of the national cycle for recovery.

Overall, vacancy rates increased for office, industrial and retail properties, but despite this softening, average rental rates increased for all three property types. Metro Denver office space saw its total vacancy rate, including sublease space, increase to 15% in the third quarter. However, average asking office rental rates inched up to $20.99 per sq. ft. per year in the third quarter from roughly $20.60 from the same period last year. On the industrial side, total third-quarter vacancy increased to 7.4%, which is still relatively healthy. Average asking rates also increased to $6.41per square foot from $6.00 per sq. ft. for the same quarter last year. Finally, the total retail vacancy rate continued to increase in the third quarter to 7.5%, but the average asking lease rate still rose to $18.04 per square foot per year from nearly $16.00 for the same period last year.

What does this all mean for you and your business? Despite a slumping economy, companies seeking to lease office or industrial may be surprised that landlords are unwilling to do “screaming deals” to get tenants in their buildings. At least for the time being, rental rates remain stable or continue to rise, and commercial landlords have not been overly impacted by the economic slowdown. Of course, this may change in the next few months or as we head in to the New Year.

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