Are You Staying Competitive? Part 2

One of the most important things to remember when trying to keep a business competitive, as discussed in Part 1, is to know what sets your brand apart. The first step in any process of improvement is identifying what does and doesn’t work. If you don’t know how your brand differs from others in the industry, or don’t care, you’re never going to be able to convince a client to pick you over the competition.

This means knowing not only what makes your competitors unique, but also knowing what makes your brand unique. Do you offer any special services or expertise? Do you provide value beyond that expected of you? Is there something special about your company culture or the way you do business that you can point to? What are your key differentiators and value points and, more importantly, are you advertising them successfully?

These questions and your answers to them form the basis for brand endurance and revitalization. Without them, any marketing strategy is blind, and any company is doomed to eventual obsoletion, which is why Brand Iron prioritizes this investigative process. In order to stay current, businesses need to constantly reassess their position in the marketplace and adapt accordingly. Knowing, intimately, what your business has to offer from one moment to the next seems like an obvious thing, but it is essential for long term success.

Of course, knowing can only get you so far. Once these key differentiators and value points have been identified, the next step is making sure that these are communicated to the client in an efficient and convincing way. Nobody should have to ask what makes your company different; they should know without being told. It should be intrinsically linked to your aesthetic, your content, and your sales strategies, because if it isn’t clear to the client, it doesn’t matter how well you understand it.

The secret to staying competitive, then, is understanding, from every angle, what sets your brand, your process, and your product apart from the competition, and exploiting those differences to their maximum effect. Don’t march onward through poor results and falling revenue; reevaluate, reeducate, and revolutionize your marketing strategy so you can secure long term sustainable growth, as opposed to fleeting success.

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BrandStorm: A Brand Strategy Session for Your Business’s Everything

At Brand Iron we’ve created our signature four phases process for building a successful marketing plan: Strategize, Create, Activate, and Achieve. Our team’s ability to deliver a wide range of services, from conceptualizing brands to marketing plans, to creating and implementing go-to-market plans with trackable results, allows us to develop and market brands in a way that very few marketing agencies can. This blog focuses on a specific service we offer in the Strategize phase, BrandStorms.

Build Your Brand and Marketing Plan with BrandStorms

We offer two types of BrandStorms, a mini and a full session. These sessions range from two to four hours, and can be tailored for all types of companies, in any industry. Brand Iron will identify a company’s overarching goals, objectives, and the best means to accomplish them. We examine your current technology utilization, sales and marketing processes, messaging and positioning, SEO and business objectives in order to better understand your brand and create success.

BrandStorms deliver Achieve Anything Plans, brand audits, value points and propositions, market trends, and target audience.We ask detailed questions about your brand in order to develop an in-depth understanding of your companies current market position and goals going forward.


Integrating Technology Through MarketingBrandStorm sessions determine the best marketing technology to integrate into your marketing plan; helping your company reach and surpass goals.

One of the most important aspects of our BrandStorm session is the portion where our team dives into your brand’s current marketing technology (MarTech) utilization. Many companies do not currently harness the power of MarTech, such as marketing automation, which could be restricting them from reaching their highest goals. In addition, our team of experts analyzes your brand’s unique needs and objectives to determine which technologies will serve your brand best, in order to accomplish the sales and marketing goals we determined earlier in the session. After integration, our team carefully tracks your brand’s results.

Achieve Anything Plan: A Marketing Plan for The Future

Marketing plan information you will receive from an Achieve Anything Plan are revenue goals, brand positioning goals, and sales goals and the leads needed to reach them.After the BrandStorm, our Brand Iron team supplies the client with a dynamic marketing plan called the Achieve Anything Plan. The Achieve Anything Plan is a tremendous source of information that identifies your company’s business goals and objectives, technology utilization, competitive analysis, messaging platforms, a go-to-market strategy, and the means of tracking the outcomes of each marketing tactic used.

What This Does for Your Business

A BrandStorm is the foundation upon which an unstoppable brand is built. Using the information gathered and created in the Achieve Anything Plan, brands can elevate their marketing abilities and increase their lead generation and bottom lines. Whether your company is big, small, established, or emerging, a marketing plan from our BrandStorm session will better equip your company to tackle current and future goals.

Improve Your Marketing Plan Today

No matter what your objective is, reach the experts at Brand Iron and we will take your brand to the next level and truly help you achieve your anything.


Know No Limits!

Brand Iron

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Design Trend: Gradients

As the saying goes, everything old is new again and gradients are back, and better than ever. Gradients used to rule in the 90s and early 2000s but in a not-so-good way. Every PowerPoint or Microsoft document had bright, and often tacky, WordArt that incorporated a gradient or some sort. What better way to make a document or report look more professional, right? Not! It’s funny to see how trends evolve and repeat themselves overtime because in 2018 color gradients are making a huge comeback.

The gradient trend has matured over the years into an organic movement of color. Flat colors are limiting and while they provide a clean look, they lack interest and depth. The combination of two or more colors mimics movement and adds more life to a design.  

Project: Electric Objects  Author: Rose Pilkington    |    Project:  Author: Ludmila Schevenko 

Recently, we’ve seen large, trendy companies, like Spotify and Instagram, embrace this current style. While Instagram was one of the first companies to adopt this trend on such a large scale, Spotify is really taking it to the next level. The brand has fused colors together to represent specific playlists and create a unique emotional connection to the music with a visual representation. These designs have caught the attention of their audience and are inciting more excitement about the product and the music which creates more brand loyalty among its customers.

Spotify Gradient Graphic Design

Gradients are fun, high tech, edgy and give designers the ability to create something new. Our designers here at Brand Iron love working with gradients because they feel the trend adds depth and allows them to find the heart and soul of the design. The idea is to have bright, eye catching colors incorporated with organic lines and shapes. This year we’ll see more gradients playing a key role in backgrounds and incorporated into designs.

Don’t know where to begin with gradients? If you love this look but don’t know how to use this trend within your brand, our designers can bring your next gradient-inspired design to life.  Visit or call 303-534-1901 to update your brand’s look.

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Kinetic Training Club Breaks into Denver’s Fitness Scene

Brand Iron is excited to announce the grand opening of Kinetic Training Club, a new kind of health club that focuses on a holistic approach to health and fitness. The grand opening for the club, which is located downtown at 1610 Little Raven St., Suite 135, welcomed members of the community, to come explore the new facility, meet the world-class trainers and enjoy refreshments.

Kinetic Training Club provides innovative personal training for professionals in the Denver area. By taking every aspect of a client’s daily life into consideration, including nutritional needs, the Kinetic trainers are able to craft a fitness plan that is unique to each individual that will help them achieve their goals. Kinetic’s brand new facility features state-of the-art equipment including a traversing wall with TRX suspension. The club also features two exercise machines invented and patented by Kinetic’s own Nate Fryer, one of the club’s lead trainers and rehabilitation specialists.

Kinetic Fitness Club

Brand Iron has been working closely with the Kinetic team to develop and launch the Kinetic Training Club brand. We developed the messaging and positioning, the logo, and the website! We hope you love the new look and feel of Kinetic Training Club as much as we do and are excited to see what the brand will achieve in the future! Kinetic Fitness Club

Congratulation on the opening of Kinetic Training Club! We are always proud when one of our clients makes strides to ‘Achieve Their Anything’. To learn more about how Brand Iron can help your business reach the next level of success, contact us by visiting

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Branding 4 Building Pt. 2

Last week, we talked about the importance of branding your building or real estate development project. These assets need to be marketed just like any other in order to bring you the maximum ROI. This week, we are taking it further and breaking down each step you will need to take in the building branding process.

When it comes to branding your build here are several things to consider:

1. Layout what the business goals and objectives are for the building or development project.

2. Determined the ideal target tenant for your building.

3. Come up with a unique name where you can reserve your URL and own the intellectual property around your name.

4. Develop your brand look and voice, and position it to appeal to your target tenant.

Here’s an examples of how mood boards can help define the look and feel of a building to help begin crafting the building’s brand, which will appeal to your target tenants:

Revolution 3600

Moodboard Graphic Design Look and Feel


Moodboards Graphic Design Look and Feel

5. Develop a message and content that is going to connect with your ideal target tenants.

6. Create an engaging website and campaign that will capture the attention of those targets and get them to take notice.

Here are some examples of building branding websites and sales materials: 

Marketing material book graphic design

Website design Graphic design

7.  Pro-actively get the word out to your targets, as well as the brokerage community and general business community, through targeted touchpoint campaigns, PR and social media.

8. Track and measure the effectiveness of how well you are doing in getting those leases signed and/or other key measures against the laid out goals and objectives and the beginning of the project.

Make sure you successfully brand your building or development project to help and ensure that you are going to reach your business or project goals and objectives. Brand Iron is a strategic, technology-driven brand and enterprise value creation agency, that works with you to reach your specific business goals. Contact the branding experts at Brand Iron today to create the best identity for your building.

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Branding 4 Buildings

In today’s competitive landscape, it isn’t enough to just construct a building and hope it gets filled, you have to brand and market it (like any other product or company) to get it filled and get the desired lease rates.

Buildings need to be treated like any other asset or brand that you have. You need to seperate yourself from the competition, define how and why your product is better and figure out the best way to show and tell that story. Part of telling your building’s story is the naming of the building. That means coming up with a name that stands out, is unique – one where you can get the intellectual property rights, including a nice, easy-to-remember URL.

Developing a strong brand for your building means that you need to write a brand story that connects with the ideal target customer. This story will help convey the value of your property and as a result assist with the filling of the property.

Whether it’s an office in the central business district (CBD), a medical office building (MOB), or any other building, the property should be named, branded and packaged accordingly to your target customer. Branding for buildings is all about how to successfully brand, package and market your building to meet your desired goals and objectives.

Brand Iron is a strategic, technology-driven brand and enterprise value creation agency, that works with you to reach your specific business goals. Contact the branding experts at Brand Iron today to create the best identity for your building.

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What Makes a Thought Leader

Brands today struggle to stay relevant in the eyes of the consumer. Consumers are so used to being advertised-to that ads hardly phase them. They don’t want to give just any company their business, they want give the their business to the best company.  This is when becoming a thought leader is beneficial to brands.

A thought leader is an individual or firm that is recognized as an authority in a specialized field and whose expertise is sought after and often rewarded. Sure that may sound like a great goal to have for any brand, but how to businesses achieve this level or status? It may be easier than you think.

Content creation and publication is key to positioning your brand as an industry thought leader. By creating educational, interesting and helpful articles, and having them published on a blog or better yet, on a media outlet, you can show your target audience that you are an expert in your field and that they should come to you for the best service or products.  But you can’t just create content for the heck of it, there are a few rules.

1. You Must Actually Work In The Industry That You Are Commenting On

A brand that works in the insurance industry can’t just start writing articles on best practices in the field of technology startups. To be an expert in your field you must first be in that specific field.

2. Self-Promotion Will Ruin Your Credibility

The thing about being a thought leader is that people will only look to you for advice or knowledge if they think that you are providing it for the sake of education. If your content appears to be only promoting your brand’s goods or services, consumers will see right through your veiled attempt at advertising and ignore you.

3. Keep It Relevant

Try to only create content around topics that are relevant or even mentioned in mainstream media. This will help increase your thought leadership by showing your audience that you are trying to educate them on items that they need to know now.


Want to become a thought leader in your industry? Let the content strategy experts at Brand Iron help you create a plan that will have your desired audience seeking you out for the best information and service. Contact Brand Iron today for more information.

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Baceline Investments Announces $125 Million Credit Facility with KeyBank

We are proud to share some big news from one of our clients, Baceline Investments LLC. The company, which is a private real estate investment and management company with neighborhood lifestyle centers throughout the Central United States, recently announced the establishment of a new syndicated loan relationship with KeyBank National Association.

KeyBank National Association is the lead bank in the $125 million senior secured credit facility for the Baceline Income Property Holding Company, LLC. The syndication is comprised of national and international banks. The facility includes an accordion feature to increase the loan commitment up to a maximum of $250 million, providing flexibility as the portfolio grows. Proceeds from the facility will be used primarily for acquisition purposes.

In December, 2017 Baceline completed a $153 million recapitalization with KeyBank, including 27 properties, creating a new income-producing investment vehicle for Baceline’s investor base.

“The facility partnership with KeyBank National Association is an exciting milestone for us and elevates Baceline to a new level, providing a strong foundation and framework for future growth,” said David Puchi, Baceline’s Managing Partner. “Our longstanding relationship with Key ensures that we are able to grow our portfolio of stable, income-producing properties to 200 properties over the next 3 to 4 years. The resulting portfolio will be perfectly positioned for a favorable public or large scale private institutional exit.”

Baceline’s investment niche focuses on holdings in the country’s heartland and is designed to benefit investors who seek to earn consistent, meaningful levels of distributable income from their investment portfolio. Their properties focus is on neighborhood shopping centers that offer everyday goods and services to local communities.

We are always proud when one of our clients makes strides to ‘Achieve Their Anything’. To learn more about how Brand Iron can help your business reach the next level of success, contact us today!

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Brand Champion: USA Men’s Curling Team

February’s Brand Champion is the USA Men’s Curling Team. 

Brand Champions have a few distinct characteristics that set them apart from the rest of the pack. They inspire others and believe that anything is possible. That’s why February’s Brand Champions are the USA’s men’s curling team!

No one expected the men’s curling team (especially since they’ve never won a medal at the Olympics) to accomplish much of anything. So when they got off to a slow start, judges and spectators alike were not surprised – in fact – it was exactly what was expected. Yet, when the team went on to win 3 high-stakes matches, against teams who’ve had much more success in the past, people started to take notice. The team continued to shatter all expectations when they beat power-house teams, Canada and Sweden; resulting in not only their first curling medal, but a gold medal at that.

One of the best things about this team and their story is that these are normal guys, not just athletes. They work normal jobs – Monday through Friday – like the rest of us. They are true red, white, and blue Americans, living the American dream. People like to root for the underdog and these unlikely heroes are humble, approachable, and representatives of America in the best ways possible.

In a time where controversy seems to surround sports. They had all of America rooting for them, uniting a country with an obscure sport and surprising success that resulted in their first gold medal.

By any definition, the USA Men’s Curling Team members have truly become Brand Champions on an international level!

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Sometimes, Simple is Better: One Color 3D Design and Responsive Logos

One Color 3D Design and Responsive Logos.

At Brand Iron, we talk a lot about differentiating brands from the competition. One way to make your mark is to show how creative your brand can be. With design trends constantly evolving, it can be hard to keep up. So far, 2018 has been about bold colors that make a statement. We’re seeing conservative companies evolve their look to incorporate more vivid colors and people are responding positively to these shifts and progressions.

One Color 3D Design

Timeless creative is difficult but the recurring trend that we are seeing is making it easier to stay competitive. Monotone, 3D, design is making a bold statement at the moment.  We’ve seen an influx of bright colors ruling the scene, paired with flat graphics creating a cohesive look. It is a simple, yet powerful statement that catches consumers’ eyes.



The biggest dilemma with creative creative, is that it’s over complicated and the brand message gets lost underneath heavy layers of design. With one color, 3D design, the product is always the main focal point. By only incorporating one or two colors with 3D aspects, brands can add great depth to the image, keeping their audience’s attention.

Responsive Logos

Playing on the same theme of simplification, responsive logos are a trend that is taking off. We’ve already noted the shift to the semi-flat design, which has transformed overly intricate designs to flat graphics. Now the idea of responsive logos has really kicked off. Joe Harrison published an interesting experiment that presented the idea of simplified versions of logos to fit with different sized screens, windows or devices (

Designing for versatility, it just makes sense.

Brands are altering their logos based on the size of the image or screen they are presented on. Creating a more simplified logo integrated throughout different marketing material as a subtle touch is more digestible.


Contrary to popular belief, slight adjustments to your logo does not negatively affect your brand identity. It shows an evolving brand that is willing to incorporate new trends, embracing new technologies that rise with the times instead of fighting against them.

We are all about making your brand stand above the rest with creative that gets results, but is also evolving with the current trends. We love the idea of simplifying design (when necessary) and delivering a cohesive look throughout every aspect of the design. If you need help adjusting your brand’s creative Brand Iron is here to help. Visit or call 303-534-1901 to see how our creative team can bring your brand story to life.

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