Design Trend: Gradients

As the saying goes, everything old is new again and gradients are back, and better than ever. Gradients used to rule in the 90s and early 2000s but in a not-so-good way. Every PowerPoint or Microsoft document had bright, and often tacky, WordArt that incorporated a gradient or some sort. What better way to make a document or report look more professional, right? Not! It’s funny to see how trends evolve and repeat themselves overtime because in 2018 color gradients are making a huge comeback.

The gradient trend has matured over the years into an organic movement of color. Flat colors are limiting and while they provide a clean look, they lack interest and depth. The combination of two or more colors mimics movement and adds more life to a design.  

Project: Electric Objects  Author: Rose Pilkington    |    Project:  Author: Ludmila Schevenko 

Recently, we’ve seen large, trendy companies, like Spotify and Instagram, embrace this current style. While Instagram was one of the first companies to adopt this trend on such a large scale, Spotify is really taking it to the next level. The brand has fused colors together to represent specific playlists and create a unique emotional connection to the music with a visual representation. These designs have caught the attention of their audience and are inciting more excitement about the product and the music which creates more brand loyalty among its customers.

Spotify Gradient Graphic Design

Gradients are fun, high tech, edgy and give designers the ability to create something new. Our designers here at Brand Iron love working with gradients because they feel the trend adds depth and allows them to find the heart and soul of the design. The idea is to have bright, eye catching colors incorporated with organic lines and shapes. This year we’ll see more gradients playing a key role in backgrounds and incorporated into designs.

Don’t know where to begin with gradients? If you love this look but don’t know how to use this trend within your brand, our designers can bring your next gradient-inspired design to life.  Visit or call 303-534-1901 to update your brand’s look.

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How A Persuasive Pitch Deck Drives Results

Raising money is a continuous process that is necessary for any company to grow. A strong and compelling pitch deck is how you will be able to present company goals to investors in order to get the funding you need.

A pitch deck is a brief overview presentation that provides investors with a clear understanding of what your business is all about. Typically, pitch decks are 15-25 slides and showcase your company’s product, technology, business plan and team in a clear, concise and persuasive presentation. Raising capital is no easy task, so it is important that your pitch deck is engaging. The content should provide guidance for your investors, driving them to want to write a check.

We recently completed a pitch deck for our client, Baceline Investments. Here is a breakdown of some of the key sections. The first section focused on conveying to investors who Baceline Investments is as well as what their 5-year growth plan and vision is. This gives investors an overview of their goals and the strategy which they will implement to reach those benchmarks. The next slides share their story—who they are, how they evolved and the 20-year proven track record of success.

The pitch deck then moves onto their financial models, showing investors key performance indicators, graphs and monthly performance figures. For a company like Baceline Investments, having concrete numbers supporting their case is very persuasive and easy for investors to get behind and support. The last big section of their pitch deck explained to investors what their success will look like when they reach their 5 year goals. Their pitch deck incorporated their brand’s look and feel with consistent messaging to relay to investors their expertise and vision.


A strong pitch deck will be persuasive and complete as well as clear and concise. The entire point of a pitch deck is to convince investors that you have identified a problem and created a solution that they would be foolish not to invest in. Your pitch deck needs to focus on your business ideas and look at the complete picture. It’s easy to get bogged down in design elements but no matter how creative your deck is, it’s worthless if you don’t engage your audience. You have to be meaningful with every element of the pitch deck so every slide is telling an important part of a larger story.

At Brand Iron, everything we product for our clients is results-driven. We have completed over 50 pitch decks for our clients and are experts in building compelling pitch decks that tell the story of your company in a visually appealing way. Each pitch deck presents a complete brand image and messaging. It’s tailored for each client to get results.

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The Rise in Semi-Flat Design

Digital trends are influenced by all kinds of things like media, user experience, fashion and technology just to name a few. Digital design is never static. Design tools and technology is constantly evolving and what styles are popular evolves with it.

Over the past year we’ve seen a decrease in photo-realistic designs and a boon in simplistic, 2D designs. Color gradients and curvy fonts have also gone by the wayside in many industries. Big players like Netflix, Ebay, and Paypal have all made the shift toward a cleaner, more simple design. Simplicity has its benefits but comes with the risk of being seen as flat and boring.


Thanks to Material Design, Google’s new design language, we are now seeing two-dimensional designs come to life. Flat designs have evolved into a semi flat design with some light, depth, and shadows. A semi-flat design adds smooth shading and a level of complexity that flat designs are lacking. Through Material Design, Google has created a sweet spot for brands to design their logos, and interface to have subtle depth while still maintaining the clean, sleek feel of flat design and we love it! 


Project: Listener’s Playlist

Author: Anzi

Our design team is always looking for the best way to incorporate these trends into our clients’ brands and design elements. Brand Iron can help revitalize your brand by incorporating these design trends into your brand’s look and feel. Fill our the form below if you love this design and need help from Brand Iron to incorporate this look to elevate your brand to a new level.

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How a Business Card can Spark a Connection

When branded well, a small card can make a big difference. 

First Impressions

Whether in your career or social life, first impressions set the scene for all future interactions. Within seconds of a first meeting, a prospective client or customer has already begun evaluating and forming an opinion of you and your business. A business card may be small, but it can act as a lasting physical representation of both you and your company. In a world run by digital, we value personalized touches when meeting face-to-face. Sometimes, the smallest gestures send the biggest messages. A well-designed business card is memorable and leaves a lasting impression where a digital conversation might fail to do so. It goes a lot further than just passing along contact information. It creates a connection.

A creative business card might spark a conversation that otherwise would not have existed. The more unique a business card, the greater the opportunities for diverse conversation. Some elements that can make your card unique are design, paper stock, and finish. Would you rather receive a crumpled, flimsy business card that has been stuck in someone’s wallet for 2 months or a sturdy, crisp and professional one? Business cards set the scene. During a first interaction, there is nothing that looks worse than rummaging through your bag, frantically looking for a pen to scribble down your contact info on a crumpled napkin. Business cards show that you are prepared, professional and want to communicate and engage in a relationship.

Building your Brand Image

At Brand Iron, we love to focus on building a strong identity. Business cards establish credibility for your company and make it easily identifiable. Even though a business card is small, there are no shortage of creative designs that can communicate the personality of your brand. A business card is a physical object that you leave with someone. Your brand stays with them. It acts as a physical reminder of your encounter 

with them along with a representation of your brand. Not only does it remind someone of your brand and give them an opportunity to reconnect, it also puts a face to a business. This creates a higher quality connection and keeps your brand on top of a person’s mind.

Remember me?

Business cards are important because our memory isn’t always reliable. How many times have you had someone tell you their name or position and it goes in one ear and right out the other, as if they never said it? An entire conversation can become a waste of time when there is no way to reconnect. Business cards strengthen opportunities for referrals, networking, or relationships with prospective clients.

Put some thought into your business cards and create a lasting impressions. If you need help designing and creating business cards, Brand Iron is here to help. Our team of designers can create one of a kind cards that capture the essence of your brand. Call 303-534-1901 or visit for more information.