Brand Champions: Create a Winning Brand by Focusing on a Winning Culture

Tips for establishing a strong brand champion. 

The strength of any initiative comes from the team that drives it. When good won’t cut it, you need people who can deliver great. To achieve your goals you need to surround yourself with people who have the right attitude and determination. Once you have this, it’s up to you as their leader and Brand Champion to focus your team’s potential and curate results.

One of the responsibilities of the Brand Champion is to set the company’s tone. Inspire a culture of positivity and unity so that the team is aligned with the bigger company picture. This unity is both what holds a company together and ensures both its goals and objectives are met. It’s also important to provide clear direction through open communication and strategic planning. Here are a few things that Brand Champions do to create a winning culture:

  1. Understand the ideal Brand Experience.
  2. Establish unified company goals and objectives.
  3. Create a long-term plan incorporating company objectives with attainable goals.
  4. Create team incentives to meet goals and objectives.  
  5. Celebrate the “wins” and teach when you “lose”.
  6. Be a leader and guide the way to success.
  7. Keep a positive attitude and have fun along the way!

With a dedicated team and strong leader anything is possible. Use these steps to help create a winning culture, unite your team and meet your goals. For more information on how you can achieve your anything and be the brand you want to be, contact us at or 303-534-1901.

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Fresh Branding: New Brand Iron Leaders and Team Members

Brand Iron is growing.

We’ve been evaluating our goals for company expansion and providing our clients with the greatest brand experience we can offer. Without further ado, we are pleased to present new senior leadership and some awesome new team members!

Patti Sundaypatti

We recruited Patti Sunday to be our Vice President of Brand Experiences. Patti specializes in brand, cause and real estate marketing in predominantly Hispanic markets, transactional strategy and ROI. She also has a deep background in print, direct, mail and radio advertising.


Mimi Gonzalezmimi

Mimi Gonzalez comes to Brand Iron as our Director of Service and Production. Mimi has utilized her skills as an entrepreneur, designer and media buyer in often multicultural Hispanic markets. She has worked in special events and interior design and excels in brand and hospitality management.


Aaron Bronsonaaeaaqaaaaaaaaehaaaajdvjzwi1mji4ltiynwetndi0mi1hnjcxltbjyznlzgm5mzhlng

Aaron Bronson is our new Creative Manager and has a breadth of experience in design. He received his BFA in graphic design from Bowling Green State University, where he was the recipient of a James W. Strong Studio Achievement Graphic Design Award. He also won a Student Bronze ADDY Award (also shown: Knox).


Brand Iron welcomes these new team members, and we all look forward to serving you, our customer, and helping you to Achieve your Anything.