Have I said too much? Know when to say “when” with copy length.

People and marketers alike normally have two theories about copy length. They either abide by the rule of K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid) or they want to explain every last detail/benefit to the customer.

So, which is better? Who is right?

We’ll show you how both theories can be used effectively – and more importantly, when to use each.

One of the more important aspects to answering this question – is to test, test and re-test. Continue to refine and pinpoint what works for your sales and marketing process and your company.

1. Do your research – Start collecting your competitor’s marketing materials. For example, for one of our clients, two of their competitors were offering incentives with very little copy supporting the message. We, by contrast, offered a similar incentive but included more descriptive copy on the value and the details of the offer. We separated our client from their competition – by offering a better explanation on how our incentive provided more value than the competition’s offers. Our client was pleased with the results – as it far surpassed any of their past incentives.

2. Sales process – What are you asking your customer to do? Are you asking them to buy a car? Or, are you asking them to go online and claim their free gift? The level of commitment you are asking should drive copy length.

In the example of buying a car: if you are asking the customer to call their local dealership, keep the copy short and the benefits direct and simple. Later in the sales process, when you are at the point of getting the customer to buy, the information you need to communicate will be much more involved. At this stage, the copy will need to completely communicate the facts, the benefits, the options, the cost and the value. You will need to put the customer as ease, providing as much information to help them justify purchasing your product, which in this case, is a high-dollar commitment.

3. Quality – Above all, whether your copy is long or short – it’s the quality that matters most in the end. Copy needs to communicate a message that is value-driven and benefit-oriented. You need to communicate your company and services in a way that differentiates you from your competition.

The length of your message loosely depends on the level of commitment you seek and how complicated your message is. Brand Iron can help you determine the right amount of copy it takes to break through the clutter, differentiate yourself from the competition – and most importantly, get the results that will help your company succeed.

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