Internal Branding – What is it and why it matters

Internal branding is the way a brand comes to life, and it directly impacts the relationship your customers have with your brand. The power behind your brand is most evident when the mere mention of your brand can invoke positive feelings in the minds of your customers.

Your internal brand starts from within your organization. Your sales, marketing and operations all have to communicate the same message. For example, if your company’s unique selling position is “ease of use” – this message should be the focal point of brochures, inserts and all marketing materials. The phone script your sales team uses should include phrases like, “usability” and “user-friendly”. Furthermore, the proposals your sales team prepares should be clear and to the point. Within your operations, invoices should be easy to understand, and payments can be processed through a variety of ways. Likewise, the services you provide and the service your customers expect should be very straightforward.

To develop your internal brand – it must start at the top. The c-level executives set the philosophy, and it is then carried out by the rest of the team. Without c-level support and initiation – your brand will not carry out the promises of your company – and customers will be disappointed. Only when the entire team is clear about the brand – and how to live it, will you start impacting your customers by creating a positive brand experience.

Steps to developing your brand internally:

1. Develop your company’s brand promise.

2. Map out what it takes to fulfill that promise.

3. Understand why your promise is better than the competition.

4. Train all employees on your brand and what the brand stands for.

5. Commit to the brand on all levels.

6. Execute and stick to the plan.

Your internal brand will drive how your customers see your company and what kind of feeling they get from working with you. Positive internal brands lead to positive external brands – and both make it easier for you to reach your sales and communication goals.

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