Leading Your Company to Greatness, Be Your Company's Next Brand Champion

Brand Champions are leaders inside a company who “champion” the business cause, pushing their company to be the very best they can be and reach their goals and objectives. The things we at Brand Iron look for in Brand Champions are: someone who demonstrates leadership and inspires others to ride for the brand, someone who is creative and entrepreneurial as well as being a visionary, someone who is results oriented and successful, someone who is separate from the heard, owns their own space and clearly communicates why they are the best.

Though we have worked with hundreds of Brand Champions during our lifespan as a branding agency, recently David Puchi has stood out as someone who lives for his brand, is setting his company up for success, and is setting a good example for his brand ambassadors. David Puchi, a managing partner at Baseline Investments, has successfully lead Baceline to be nationally recognized as the “No Debt, All Cash” experts. David has been an invaluable asset to his company by not only raising millions in capital to fund Baceline’s investment activities but also by staying committed to drive his company to their full potential. By recognizing the importance of Brand Iron’s concept of holistic branding, David was able to work with us to embrace the integrated marketing strategy. David led Baceline to utilize Logo Design, Investor Presentations, Sales Materials, Public Relations, Trade Show Marketing, Direct and Email Marketing and Print Advertising.           

Living the Baceline brand has allowed David to successfully reposition Baceline Investments during tough economic times. By working with Brand Iron to develop a business plan and investor presentations (shown right), David has truly been able to “champion” his brand and forge ahead. David recognized that his brand must show through in every medium from advertising and public relations to the branding and packaging of Baceline’s investment funds.

 David was able to put together messages for Baceline’s print advertisements that really resonated with his target market (shown right). He created a brand identity that was used to package each of Baceline’s Funds -No Debt Real Estate Investment Funds, the Heartland Funds, and the Distressed Real Estate and Debt Opportunities Fund.    Baceline Investments was able to successfully reposition itself to attract investors. By attracting quality investors, acquisition opportunities increased and Baceline achieved national awareness by raising $140M in assets within five years.