Brand Iron℠ is a strategic branding, marketing, and enterprise value creation agency. Our conversation starts with you and the goals you set for your company. Founded by Michael Doyle in 2002, Brand Iron delivers on the promise to forge brands and drive revenue through strategy-based business development, creative, public relations, social media, positioning, and marketing.


Hit Hard. Spark Success. Drive Revenue. Ignite your brand. That’s exactly what we’ll do for you and your company at Brand Iron℠. We believe that strategy is the driving force that pushes brands towards the goals that they were created to achieve.



Michael Doyle is a national speaker, author of 7 Secrets of a Brand Champion, and has been shaping successful brands in various industries for more than 20 years. As CEO of Brand Iron, he has led more than 250 of his signature BrandStorm Sessions to help companies analyze and identify their position in the marketplace and provide a strategic assessment and recommendation. As an active blogger and thought-leader, his work has been published and featured in numerous blogs, journals and websites around the world.

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