Your Partner Loyalty Strategy and How It Relates to Your Brand

Leading-edge companies are already taking advantage in what seems to be the newest trends in partner loyalty marketing. As you are reading – you’ll learn about Brand Iron’s new corporate identities and new value propositions. What hasn’t changed is our loyalty to our partner network and our desire to continue to develop a vast network of strategic partners. We wanted to share with you a few concepts that have increased our success in loyalty marketing – along with some tangible examples of ways you can use these market trends – today.

Developing Your Network
Developing a community of businesses bound by geography or similar industries/interests is very important in creating a sense of loyalty around your brand. The ideal network will be one that everyone involved will have something to offer and something to take. A devoted partner, one who can speak to the success and quality of your product or service, will come to be your best source of new business.

What you can do today:
· Develop a list of potential partners.

Creating Strength From Your Network
Surveying your customers and receiving their feedback doesn’t have to be a painful and rigidly-formal process. When your have an open line of communication with your current clients and they play an active role in your brand community – feedback can come in many different forms. Using candid and honest feedback from your brand community is the first step in addressing your company’s potential barriers to growth or inconsistencies in messaging or value proposition. Your peers will likewise appreciate your feedback and analysis of their business. As the group gets stronger, the companies become more profitable, and your brand community grows to be more widespread and dedicated to your brand and particular area of expertise.

What you can do today:
· Develop a networking group composed of people you can help and those who can help you.
(Don’t forget to start with Brand Iron.) Take turns leading interactive meetings and
discussions with your group.

We’ll help you create a partner loyalty campaign that gives your brand a sense of community. Contact us today.

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