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It’s that time of year again; the fourth quarter is at an end and I’m busy making sure our goals and objectives are set and ready to go for 2019. We first sit down as a leadership team and map out our primary strategic goals and objectives; listed below are 10 of the main things we look at: 

1. Look at the big-picture revenue and profit goals. Developing a strategic overview will give you much needed direction when it comes to hammering out the details.

2. Think about how many leads you need to generate and customers you need to acquire in order to meet your goals and objectives. Specific short-term sales goals that correspond to your long-term goals will allow for more effective tracking and reporting.

3. Review any major strategic initiatives we are trying to accomplish. Engaging the company in strategic initiatives ensures that the team is always striving to evolve and meet new goals.

4. Make sure you have identified the target vertical markets you are going after. Having target markets is essential when it comes to honing your marketing efforts to be more focused.

5. Who are the key decision makers within each one of those markets? What do those persona’s look like? Knowing each persona and the way they communicate is essential to choosing the right voice and messaging.

6. What is the content/media going that is going to engage and compel these people to make decisions about working with you and your brand? Knowing how your audience likes to consume their content imperative to developing engaging sales and marketing content.

7. Look at what operational challenges you need to address and how you are going to tackle those. Are there better, more efficient ways to do what you’ve been doing?

8. Address the personnel and staffing requirements that you have to meet to reach these objectives. Who will handle these efforts? It’s good if you have a lot of new initiatives going into the new year but they aren’t worth much if the team can’t execute them effectively.

9. Analyze your marketing technology stack and how it will help you execute these strategies. Having a cohesive and effective martech platform will be essential to facilitate the growth you want to see in 2019.

10. Look at how you are going to track and measure these milestones and KPI’s. Establish metrics and identify a primary reporting platform at the start of the year to make for more comprehensive tracking throughout 2019.


This is a great starting point for examining and setting realistic marketing goals and objectives, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Talk to Brand Iron today and let us help you map out a plan to meet and exceed your 2019 goals and objectives.

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