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Art is extremely subjective. Art is a fluid concept when it comes to fashion, painting, sculpting, writing and to the infinite beyond of creative mediums — but what about graphic design? Everyone has opinions of beauty standards and justification behind their individual aesthetic, but graphic design is intentional, purposeful, and consciously crafted behind specific needs and restrictions. Let’s be totally real for a moment, clients are very particular. They might not always know exactly what they want, but they will insist on a design that clearly translates their message.

At the end of the day it’s up to that special, chosen designer to adapt to their clients’ needs but also follow the rules, trends, and best practices of design. I know what you’re thinking, “best practices?” yes, best practices! Design, although an art form, still has rules that create the harmony and balance that we, as the audience, find appealing….aka MARKETING! Oftentimes, I find that limitations inspire my creativity and following best practices ensures my designs are conscious of my audience.

Best practices for design are an unchanging necessity, but trends are an evolving living organism, giving relevance to a brand. After all, who doesn’t want to “keep up with the Kardashians” and at least be relevant for a day? These 2019 design trends will not give you the lips or the wallet of a Kardashian, but they will give your marketing a face-lift.

1) BURSTS OF COLOR – We live in a marketing world of constant competition for everyone’s attention. It’s hard to always think of the best campaigns and slogans but vivid colors and loud palettes can set you apart.Busts of Color  Design by Leo Natsume 

2) CENTER AROUND TYPOGRAPHY – Instead of the usual reliance on graphics and photography, use strong typography and unique fonts. These bold words bring the focal point back to the message you are conveying.Typography

Author:  Morgan Stephens

3) THIS IS THE FUTURE – Embrace the new. Using geometric shapes and abstract objects doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your brand familiarity.


a. Author: Mariusz Mitkow b. Author: Tal Midyan, Lillie Ferris

4) THE LIGHT & DARK SIDE – High contrast design is not going anywhere. Pairing light hues with dark contrasting shades create a sense of sharpness that stands out.

Author: Hrvoje Grubisic, Bornfight Company

5) COLOR COMPLEXITIES – A friendly flashback to the design world of the 90’s reintroducing flamboyant gradients and duotones. Gradients and monochromatic design tend to be appealing and deliver visual interest.

Author: Belu — – Project: Hedgehog Fibres

6) LOUD MINIMALISM – Minimalist design has been around for a while. But this years newest trends include the twist of introducing design with striking color. Traditionally minimalism is muted but let’s shake the platform.


a. Author: F61 Work Room, Anatoly Vasiliev, Alan Bur b. Author: Morgan Stephens

7) BE CUSTOMIZED – Hand drawing and lettering is an old art form but is far from being obsolete. Take illustrations to the next level with original design and dynamic details creates a unique brand.

Author: Hans Christian Øren

8) LET’S BE REAL – We can’t avoid stock photography, but you can use it in a way that will make that generic imagery resonate more with your audience. New styles of photography promote a more casual, relatable feel that gives youth to your strategy. Aim for photos that look like they were taken on a personal phone or device.

Photo by: Suad Kamardeen

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