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Know the Trends, Know No Limits

Each year, new trends influence the way businesses market their value to their target audience. As 2019 quickly approaches, we thought we’d take a look ahead to see what trends might be the next big thing.

Content Marketing Instead of Traditional Ads

Distrusting Millennials and Gen Xer’s have grown up in a world where they were bombarded with constant advertising. If businesses want to grab their attention, they’ll have to find another way. Content marketing, marketing that prioritizes content and entertainment value over promotions, has become a staple for many brands looking to connect with the younger generations. Content marketing works because the pieces are often placed in blogs, magazines, and shared on social media—sources of information many consumers trust.

Digestible ‘Snack Ads’

No, these are not an edible marketing tactic. Snack ads are short video ads, typically 10 seconds or less. You’ve probably seen these before on a Youtube video, on Hulu, or even Spotify. These ads contain catchy copy and interesting clips that grab the audience’s attention and leave them wanting more. Most audiences are uninterested or at least bored by the time a full 60 second advertisement has finished, but snack ads give them just enough to retain interest.

Mobile Marketing with Geofencing

Only the most targeted marketing strategies work in this day and age. Honing in on geographic specifics is important. Tactics like paid online ads can be specified by location to reach highly targeted audiences, significantly enhancing their effectiveness. Not only can online ads be shown based on location but they can also be filtered by devices. For example, a restaurant that has a goal to draw more local business could create an online paid advertisement. This ad invites people within a specified radius to stop by for lunch by showing up in their google searches.


In the increasingly complex world of digital marketing, these are just a few of the trends that we’re likely to see emerge in the new year. Advanced geotargeting, dynamic multimedia content, and content heavy advertising are sure to feature in the marketing strategies of companies across the world, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

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