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When executives decide they are going to invest in marketing, they do so wanting to see results. More importantly, they want results within a matter of weeks, not months; whether that is fair or not, that’s reality!

It is because of these expectations that Brand Iron has developed our 30-60 Day Quick Hits Campaign which are designed to generate results in a short amount of time in order to meet business goals and objectives.

Most marketing firms focus on tasks rather than the bigger picture which is the need to generate leads, revenue or other measurable results. This is where Brand Iron is different. We get that people want to see results and we make that our priority!

Here are a few of the things we do to get the initiatives and results going:

1. We start with mapping out what your idea target customers look like, we develop personas and profiles of who they are and what they like and will potentially respond to.

2. We develop a database, either from your own information or help you to build one with an information architect. And get it done quickly.

3. Develop a go-to-market plan that we can execute quickly and generate leads.

4.We execute and engage your ideal target audience and push them to take action and become a lead. We utilize SEM (search engine marketing), SEO, PPC/Adwords, social media, content, and landing pages with contact forms to build relationships with people who need your services.

5.We set up how we are going to track things out of the gate and review your KPIs weekly to ensure that we are off to a fast start and generating the desired results!

6.We review what activities are working and which ones aren’t. We then adjust our strategies based on the collected data and focus on the activities that are connecting and moving people to take action and generating results.

Take a look at what you can do in the next 30-60 days to generate results! Brand Iron is here and has the team to take the reins and make it happen! Brand Iron is a leading branding agency that specializes in developing winning marketing technology strategies and implementing them for results.

Get started today!