4 Tips for Marketing to Millennials

Millennials are a large population and the target demographic for many brands, making up a customer base that’s rife with opportunity. However, if your brand wants to capture their attention, you need a marketing strategy custom-tailored to your needs. Check out these four key ways to attract millennials: 

Instagram: These days everything is advertised and marketed on Instagram. According to Hootsuite, “81% of people use Instagram to help research products and services.” Make sure your brand bio is direct and concise about what you do or offer. You should also consider people’s experiences with your Instagram. Try curating your page’s grid to reflect a color scheme and story which reflects your brand. Online software like Plann can help you arrange your images so you can see the flow of your page before posting. 

Event Activation: Correlate your marketing strategy to be in line with live appearances and events. For example, The Ice Cream Museum in San Francisco or even Meow Wolf in Santa Fe are interactive museums that create spaces for people that want to take “selfies” or photos they immediately upload to social media. 

Another example of event activation was done by HBO’s hit show, Westworld, in which they built a miniature replica of the show’s Wild-West themed amusement park in Austin, TX, for attendees of SXSW 2018. The park contained clues of season two’s storyline and new characters, generating a ton of suspense and anticipation for the season’s upcoming premiere.

Brand Story: Millennials purchase items based on how they connect with businesses. And today, more millennials are shopping at locally owned boutiques and shops. Even if you’re a larger corporation, developing a brand story that connects with your audience can help you grow your community. Millennials want to see themselves interacting with a brand, so consider their needs, experiences, and future.

Accessibility: In today’s technological landscape, everything is available at the click of a button. Make navigating your website, buying products, reading blogs, and any other elements of engaging with your business convenient for your customers. 

Consider your demographic’s needs. Is your business implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy? Learn more about how Brand Iron can help you.

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