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You may not know it, but good copywriting is the life force supporting all of your content. Blogs, emails, landing pages, advertisements, captions, and more all rely on copy that effectively communicates your message. But depending on the medium you’re writing for, you may need to change your approach to engage your audience. Before you start writing your next piece of content, keep some of these tips in mind to help you craft a message that grabs readers.


1) Know Your Audience

Aside from knowing your message, you should also know who you’re writing for. Craft your message with your audience in mind. Consider their reading level, expertise on the subject matter, and what you want them to do after reading your message. Are you trying to build an online community or make a sale? Your message should answer your audience’s questions, create a need, and inspires action with content that’s relevant to their needs.


2) Establish an Emotional Connection

Your readers can tell when you’re trying to make a sale. Language that’s too focused on product values, promotional material, and making sales can take away your brand’s personality. Instead, treat your customers like people. Tell them a story they can connect to. Show them that you understand their needs. Use your writing to create an experience!


3) Use Creative Writing

Don’t lose your audience’s attention with bland writing. Instead, try putting some color in your copy. Use imagery, metaphors, and analogies to give your writing dimension. Try to use strong words that are interesting and fun. No one likes to be bored while reading. You should constantly be thinking of ways to refresh and innovate your messaging.


4) Establish Authority

Use your copywriting as an opportunity to establish your brand as an authority on its subject matter. Take time to explain topics your audience may be unfamiliar with. Educate your audience with unique insights other brands may not offer. How are you different from the rest? Why are you the best at what you do? How can you help improve readers’ lives?


5) Make It Simple

Technical words can help you establish authority on subject matter, but you should still use them sparingly. It’s best to keep a majority of your copy geared towards your audience’s understanding of the subject matter. Choose words that are easy to read. Write in sentences that are short. Stuffing your copy with too many technical terms, long sentences, and tangents that go off-track can leave people confused. Instead, find the meat of your message and let it speak for itself.


6) Create Urgency

Your audience should feel prompted to take action at the end of any piece. Placing a call to action (CTA) at the end of your writing gives people a step to take next. Direct them to make a purchase, subscribe to your newsletter, or to sign up for a membership. Just don’t leave them hanging!

In the modern landscape of digital marketing, many brands have forgotten copywriting is an art. There’s no set formula for crafting the perfect message, except trial and error. Writing compelling copy is a journey that has many stops along the way. You’ll make drastic edits. You’ll tinker with word placement. And along the way, you’ll find your brand voice.

Connect with your customers and grow your community with messaging and positioning that’s true to your brand’s values. 


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