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Over 90% of people on online search engines haven’t made a decision on purchasing with a specific brand before they start their research. Search engine marketing is your opportunity to make a first impression and turn a search into a conversion.

Acronyms often get bandied about in marketing, and PPC is no exception. PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model of internet advertising in which advertisers pay a variable cost (known as cost per click or CPC) for each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it’s a way of paying for traffic to your site. We’ve put together our beginners guide to PPC so you can start to harness the power of SEM for your business.

PPC falls under the banner of SEM, or search engine marketing, and it’s most effective when combined with SEO best practices. Optimizing your website to provide the most relevant information pertaining to your business’ services and products will ultimately improve your ad’s ranking and ensure that you will retain the traffic that you drive to your website.

Do Your Homework
Keyword research is arguably the most important step in PPC advertising. Keyword research sets up your whole campaign for success. Fifty percent of searches have more than four words, and the more relevant keywords you capture, the better. If you have relevant keyword phrases in your campaign that people are actively searching for, you will drive better, more qualified traffic to your website.

Create Themes for Your Ad Groups
When advertising different products or services, it’s a great practice to group your keywords by theme. In your research phase, take the time to nail down multiple keywords that apply to your different products or services. You want to create a list of keywords for each product or service and group them accordingly. This will allow you to customize your ad copy for each product or service and deliver a targeted Ad to someone searching for that specific product or service. The more focused your copy is, the greater the chance for a click that will turn into a lead.

Manage Your Campaigns
Most people think ads are just something you wind up and walk away from. However, constantly revisiting your keywords to tweak and refine them, as well as, culling relevant and new ones, will improve your campaign’s performance. Algorithms are always changing, and your ad rank could change on a dime. Monitoring and tweaking your campaigns will make sure your hard earned dollars are well spent.

Doing your research, breaking down your keywords into categorized groups, and continually managing your ad campaigns are the basic need-to-knows for incorporating PPC into your advertising and marketing strategies. To get a deeper understanding about how to use PPC to improve your brand visibility and drive traffic to your website, contact us today!