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Many brands go through seasons of change in order to expand their scope of work and stay relevant with their target audiences. While the task can seem daunting, the benefits of a rebrand often outweigh the risks.

Most businesses that evolve their brand see an increase in sales, brand loyalty and repeat customers. Many big name brands have taken the leap into their next phase of branding in order to overcome barriers to growth and position themselves to better compete in the marketplace.

LEGO: Expanding into Uncharted Territory

Started in 1939 as a wooden building block company based out of Denmark, the brand has since exploded into a multi-million dollar company and a major player in the toy industry and beyond. LEGO, which is most commonly known for their plastic blocks and figurines has expanded in the last ten years into an entertainment powerhouse whose brand now includes movies, video games and amusement parks.

In order to get to this level of fandom and success, LEGO had to step outside of its comfort zone and expand its brand. What resulted was the ownership of the building block market and endless opportunities for additional revenue streams.

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Apple: The Power of Good Branding

Everyone knows the name Apple. But once upon a time, this mega-brand wasn’t known as the authority on all things computers. This brand came from humble beginnings with forgettable branding. It wasn’t until Steve Jobs flipped the brand on its head that the company began to gain traction with consumers.

Jobs implemented the iconic “rainbow apple” logo in 1976 and that’s when it all changed. This new, more stylish, logo caught the consumers’ attention. Apple evolved its brand once again in the 90’s with the “Think Different” campaign which put a spotlight on the brand itself, rather than the products it was pushing. The campaign was hugely successful and drove sales through the roof.

Jobs understood that the brand itself is just as important as the products or services that are being sold because consumers resonate with the message, look and feel of a brand and make connections that keep them coming back for years.

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