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2019 Marketing Trends

Know the Trends, Know No Limits Each year, new trends influence the way businesses market their value to their target audience. As 2019 quickly approaches, we thought we’d take a look ahead to see what trends might be the next big thing. Content Marketing Instead of...

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Brand Champion: Daniel Ek

November's Brand Champion: Daniel Ek This month our Brand Champion is Spotify CEO, Daniel Ek. The product of humble beginnings and a prolific gift for programming, Ek embodies everything that it means to be a Brand Champion; push for the things you believe in and...

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Get Your Brand Ready for 2019

The world of branding and marketing, especially in the context of the internet, seems to evolve more and more each second, meaning that it’s harder than ever to differentiate yourself and maintain a consistent and contemporary brand image. That will be true for 2019...

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Brand Champion: Ralph Lauren

There are few companies in the world, particularly clothing companies, that have amassed the prolific global brand value that Ralph Lauren Polo has. Indeed, you’d be hard pressed to find a man over the age of thirty who doesn’t own at least one Polo Shirt, an item of...

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How to Optimize your Content for SEO

Optimizing your Content for SEO When it comes to writing content for your website, sometimes finding the right words can be hard. That is, unless you’re optimizing your content for SEO - which you should be. Optimizing your content for SEO just means using keywords...

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