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Super Bowl Ads: Hits and Misses

At every Super Bowl, there are winners and losers, and we’re not just talking about the football players. Brands are also competing, not for a trophy, but for viewers’ attention. Each year there are over 111.3 million viewers tune in, making Super Bowl Sunday an epic...

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Crisis Communication 101

Any business is susceptible to crises, but it’s how you handle it that determines if you will overcome it or not. Since ignoring the problem is not the answer under any circumstances, your business will need to devise a plan ahead of time so that when disaster...

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Hope at Home’s New Website is Live!

Brand Iron is excited to announce the launch of Hope at Home’s new website! The website went live this month and incorporates their new brand image, positioning and messaging. Hope at Home is your preferred in-home, palliative and personal care provider, offering the...

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Good Creative Gets Results

Creative that sells. We talk a fair amount at our firm about the vital role that creative plays in your branding and marketing efforts. Creative visually pulls your entire brand together. Great creative work isn’t just good because it’s cool, funny or hip, it can also...

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Meet Your Newest Co-Worker: Amazon Alexa

Now everyone can have their own personal assistant that helps with everyday tasks like automatically dialing into meeting rooms, ordering new supplies, reporting equipment problems, providing directions to offices and finding overall information to name a few. Amazon...

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Brands Who Killed It With Their Holiday Campaigns

The holidays are a time to give thanks, spread cheer and spend time with your family. It’s also the peak season for consumer spending. Companies must stand out by promoting and expressing their personality in order to win the seasonal business of consumers. We’ve put...

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How to Prep Your Company for 2018

It’s 2018 and time to kickass and reach your goals and objectives! With the economy going strong and signs suggesting it staying that way, let’s plan on making the most of things in 2018! It helps tremendously to write your goals down into measurable actions that you...

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