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As we start off the new year, many of us like to make positive changes in our own lives to better ourselves in the form of new year resolutions. Brands sometimes do the same and try to make positive changes and set the tone for the rest of the year. This is most certainly the case for multinational technology conglomerate, Cisco. It’s Cisco’s efforts to make a positive impact, lead by CEO, Chuck Robbins, that have landed the company on the Brand Champion list.

The technology brand, which started back in 1984, has grown into a fortune 500 business but hasn’t lost sight of what’s really important. In a recent interview with CNBC, Chuck Robbins explains that he’s been leading the charge on new company-wide changes that are aimed at improving corporate responsibility. Cisco has teamed up with various academies to provide technical training for students as well as opportunities for Syrian refugees to learn. Robbins understands the importance of giving back in order to better the future for not only Cisco, but the world. “[Giving back is vital] as so many jobs in the future will be tech-related. And we think this is just the right thing to do” says, Robbins.

Robbins is our Brand Champion this month because of his ability to look toward the future and help his company pay it forward in hopes of creating a better environment for the next generation of people to enjoy. More brands should follow Robbins and Cisco’s example and make strides to extend a helping hand more often.

From all of us here at Brand Iron, we hope you have a happy New Year! Be sure to check out our website and see how we can help your brand bring your marketing resolutions to fruition in 2019!

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