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July’s Brand Champion is Cindy Eckert 

Brand Champions stand out; it’s part of the job. But few stand out more, or for better reason, than Cindy Eckert, CEO and brand champion of The Pink Ceiling. From her meteoric rise to notoriety to her brash, signature hot-pink suits, nothing about Cindy’s career has been quiet and that’s a good thing for her brand.

You’ve probably heard of Cindy, even if you don’t remember her name, as the woman behind the first ever female-libido-enhancement drug, Addyi, which she got approved by the FDA in 2015. After successfully securing its transition to the market, she sold Sprout Pharmaceuticals, the company that manufactured it, for $1 Billion and turned her attention to other avenues of female empowerment, namely, The Pink Ceiling.

Born in upstate New York, Cindy moved around a lot as a child, spending each year from the fourth grade through the twelfth, attending different schools in different locations. During these formative years, when she lived overseas in both The Fiji Islands and Italy, she developed a unique adaptability that has served her well in her professional career. Her capacity for observing and understanding opposing viewpoints seems to guide her through all her professional decision making, where she has often towed the line between controversy and compliance. 

Cindy is the truest definition of a Brand Champion because her presence defines her brand. She doesn’t adopt the brand of the company she moves to, she makes her brand the company’s brand. She makes the brand and the company an extension of her own values, her own style, and her own goals. The business’s aim, to empower women in business, is an extension of her own aims, not a convenient selling point, and that comes through clearly.

There is no room for doubt in a brand as strong as Cindy’s. Her personal style, her flair and magnetism, is woven throughout every aspect of The Pink Ceiling. From the hot pink text on her website, to the use of brand-specific terms like Pinkubator, there is no escaping the whirlwind force of her personality, something that has clearly captured the attention of customers and newsagents alike. Many would be hesitant to occupy such a high profile but Cindy uses her popularity and her character to her advantage, leveraging these intangible assets to her company’s benefit.

This kind of brand saturation and identity is a perfect example of how being a brand champion can catapult your company to new levels of exposure and success. Whether she is building a brand, or selling a company, Cindy creates the kind of companies and pursues the kind of projects she truly believes in, and drives them to be better at every available opportunity.

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