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November’s Brand Champion: Daniel Ek

This month our Brand Champion is Spotify CEO, Daniel Ek. The product of humble beginnings and a prolific gift for programming, Ek embodies everything that it means to be a Brand Champion; push for the things you believe in and don’t lose who you are along the way.

Born in Sweden, Ek, had a 6th sense for business decisions from a young age. The talented young computer programmer was making nearly $50,000 a month as a teenager, coding and building websites alongside his education. It wasn’t long before he employed nearly 30 more web developers and kicked off his incredibly impressive career.

Years into his successful programming career, Ek got the idea for an music streaming service that could produce songs at the snap of a finger, and most importantly, legally. His brain child is the world famous online music phenomenon Spotify, which boasts more than 70 million paying subscribers. Ek claims he got the idea from an early music streaming service, Napster, which got itself into some illegal music piracy trouble in the early 2000’s. However, Ek had to hustle to get this idea off the ground. He once waited outside of an office building everyday for two months just to get a meeting with a potential investor. Ek’s hard work paid off. In 2008, Spotify launched in Sweden and the service later became available in the United States in 2011. Early fans of the service include Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

Clearly, the business took like wildfire. In fact, Spotify went public on the New York Stock Exchange and was able to achieve a market cap of $26.5 billion. At the age of 30, Ek has been able to create something out of nothing but the success didn’t come without hardship. Ek was once known for living an unnecessarily lavish lifestyle; buying his friends expensive gifts, dating various models and owning a collection of premier luxury vehicles. All of these seemingly luxe aspects of his life brought him no joy and the billionaire later revealed that he was depressed for years and had to reevaluate how he was living his life. After a brief hiatus from the business world and spending sometime in his hometown, Ek was able to turn his life and attitude around.

Now, Daniel Ek brings his new philosophies to work with him everyday. His worth ethic and attitude have enabled him to create success beyond his wildest dreams. Let us all take a page out of his book and remember that hard work and a level head will take you far, and that a true Brand Champion can always drive a company to new heights of success.

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