Brand Champion: Joe Rogan

If you’ve ever watched the UFC, you’ve probably seen Joe Rogan in action. Known for commentating MMA fights,  Rogan began his career as a comedian and then hosted the TV show Fear Factor. However, he has made news most recently after closing a podcasting deal with Spotify. 

Last week, it was announced that Rogan signed a deal worth upwards of  $100 million with Spotify, who will exclusively host his podcasts. This makes Rogan one of the highest-paid broadcasters. Rogan began his podcasts back in 2009, and since then he has compiled a rather large library that has contributed to making his podcast one of the top downloaded podcasts today. 

As he’s grown his platform, Rogan has signed sponsorship deals and attracted a compelling guest list that’s covered a variety of topics, successfully championing his personal brand as well as his greater community of entertainers/entrepreneurs.

Brand Champions are known for their ability to lay out a plan that sets them apart from their contemporaries, see exactly where they want to be, and execute the plan successfully. And for Joe Rogan, that meant creating a media outlet to explore his interests, share his thoughts, and express his personality in an unedited format.

Brand Champions like Rogan are passionate, innovative, and self-starters. Having begun his podcast back before many people were aware of podcasts, he knew he had a passion and that’s all he needed to put it out. His investment in himself with consistent work and a growing list of attractive content allowed him to become a bonafide media outlet over time, recently seeing ad revenue growth of 42%. 

Are you at the cusp of establishing your brand? What trail are you blazing? Become your own Brand Champions today. 

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