Brand Champion Pandemic Edition: Nike

As a brand, Nike has pinned down their voice with surgical precision. Their communications are succinct, sharp, and thought provoking. While the phrase “Just Do It” likely comes to mind, robust copywriting has been pervasive in their marketing and branding strategy throughout much of their history. In light of the “new normal,” or “these unprecedented times,” it is no surprise that they put their copywriting team to work.

With COVID-19 bringing an abrupt halt to sports of all kinds around the globe, Nike knew it was not the time to flaunt their roster of star athletes. Instead, they utilized their voice to offer a refreshing perspective on the pandemic. The message coincided with Nike announcing that they would be donating upwards of $15 million to support COVID-19 relief efforts. Additionally, they opened up premium programming on the Nike Training Club app to all users free of charge. With stay-at-home order in play, Nike helped support the national community that has built them up for so long.

Nike’s, “Play inside, play for the world.” campaign should be looked at as one of the greatest successes in branding amidst the COVID-19 epidemic. Emotional branding, uplifting messages, and repetitive scenes of empty common places have become the norm amongst major advertisers, and audiences have almost gone numb to it.

However, Nike doesn’t just provide hope. They champion lifestyles that find ways to achieve their goals regardless of the circumstances. When that’s more difficult than ever for people, they help provide solutions.


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