Brand Champions Earn Their Keep During Challenging Times: COVID-19 Edition

Great leaders can help businesses grow rapidly and get to the next level, but it takes a true Brand Champion to lead your company and team when you are going through challenging times. Like the old saying goes “When the times get tough, the tough get going,” and that statement couldn’t be more accurate in running a company. This is especially true during this COVID-19 crisis. 

After many discussions with CEO’s the last several weeks, we’ve learned there’s fear and uncertainty for the future of the economy and our businesses. Many of us embarked into 2020 with goals and objectives that have to be rethought and calibrated to account for a quickly-changing marketing landscape. Now, we are looking at how we can survive through this crisis. I asked several CEO’s what their advice would be for Brand Champions to get through challenging times and here’s what they said:

  1. Keep Positive. Tomorrow is a new day! – No matter how hard the situation or day, keep a positive outlook and attitude, positive things will come.
  2. Have a plan! Assess the challenges that are unique to your business and construct a plan with your team on how to overcome the challenges you are facing.
  3. Be courageous! With so much risk and uncertainty currently in the economic climate, Brand Champions remain courageous. Be confident in your experience and don’t be afraid to make difficult choices in order to push the herd where it needs to be. 
  4. Execute your plan! Most plans and intentions don’t get executed, especially if they require difficult decisions.
  5. Track the progress! Make sure you’re getting to where you want to be.

Be the Brand Champion you want to be, especially during challenging times and lead your company to success! Brand Champions don’t just elevate a business, they support the rest of their team.

At Brand Iron, our team of Brand Champions has experience taking on many different challenges when it comes to branding and marketing. As we wrangle with our current circumstances, we remain steadfast in our resolve to forge brands that drive revenue. Curious about what the future holds for your business? Give us a call and we’ll help you design a marketing strategy that helps your business grow.

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