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A new brand, corporate ID/logo and website helped Audit Labs market its unique approach to value-adding audits.

When John Dowling set out to found Audit Labs, he wanted to start a different kind of CPA/Consulting firm. The goal was a fresh approach to what so many other firms are doing – in essence, value-adding audit innovation. Thus, the adage was born: Audit Labs leverages financial and audit background expertise to solve cash problems and create cash opportunities.

“This goes way beyond the typical accounting firm,” said Dowling. “We take a deeper dive when it comes time to looking at our client’s financials and we make recommendations as to what is behind their cash problems. Then we tell them how to fix those problems and how to create cash flow opportunities, all in the interest of helping them achieve their bigger picture financial goals and objectives.”


Brand Iron helped Audit Labs develop its corporate identity, logo and website, and also incorporated iconology to help communicate their process and services offered.

Check out the full Audit Labs site here.

“Thanks to Brand Iron’s help we are excited about the opportunities that are presenting themselves for 2017 and beyond.”

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