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Last week, we talked about the importance of branding your building or real estate development project. These assets need to be marketed just like any other in order to bring you the maximum ROI. This week, we are taking it further and breaking down each step you will need to take in the building branding process.

When it comes to branding your build here are several things to consider:

1. Layout what the business goals and objectives are for the building or development project.

2. Determined the ideal target tenant for your building.

3. Come up with a unique name where you can reserve your URL and own the intellectual property around your name.

4. Develop your brand look and voice, and position it to appeal to your target tenant.

Here’s an examples of how mood boards can help define the look and feel of a building to help begin crafting the building’s brand, which will appeal to your target tenants:

Revolution 3600

Moodboard Graphic Design Look and Feel


Moodboards Graphic Design Look and Feel

5. Develop a message and content that is going to connect with your ideal target tenants.

6. Create an engaging website and campaign that will capture the attention of those targets and get them to take notice.

Here are some examples of building branding websites and sales materials: 

Marketing material book graphic design

Website design Graphic design

7.  Pro-actively get the word out to your targets, as well as the brokerage community and general business community, through targeted touchpoint campaigns, PR and social media.

8. Track and measure the effectiveness of how well you are doing in getting those leases signed and/or other key measures against the laid out goals and objectives and the beginning of the project.

Make sure you successfully brand your building or development project to help and ensure that you are going to reach your business or project goals and objectives. Brand Iron is a strategic, technology-driven brand and enterprise value creation agency, that works with you to reach your specific business goals. Contact the branding experts at Brand Iron today to create the best identity for your building.

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