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In today’s competitive landscape, it isn’t enough to just construct a building and hope it gets filled, you have to brand and market it (like any other product or company) to get it filled and get the desired lease rates.

Buildings need to be treated like any other asset or brand that you have. You need to seperate yourself from the competition, define how and why your product is better and figure out the best way to show and tell that story. Part of telling your building’s story is the naming of the building. That means coming up with a name that stands out, is unique – one where you can get the intellectual property rights, including a nice, easy-to-remember URL.

Developing a strong brand for your building means that you need to write a brand story that connects with the ideal target customer. This story will help convey the value of your property and as a result assist with the filling of the property.

Whether it’s an office in the central business district (CBD), a medical office building (MOB), or any other building, the property should be named, branded and packaged accordingly to your target customer. Branding for buildings is all about how to successfully brand, package and market your building to meet your desired goals and objectives.

Brand Iron is a strategic, technology-driven brand and enterprise value creation agency, that works with you to reach your specific business goals. Contact the branding experts at Brand Iron today to create the best identity for your building.

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