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The holidays are a time to give thanks, spread cheer and spend time with your family. It’s also the peak season for consumer spending. Companies must stand out by promoting and expressing their personality in order to win the seasonal business of consumers. We’ve put together four of the best holiday campaigns we saw in this holiday season.


Memories of the holidays often bring to mind the spicy aroma of gingersnap cookies and the crisp pine scent of a Christmas tree. Glade already has an emotional connection to the holidays with their seasonal scents and fragrances, and they took it a step further with “The Greatest Gift” campaign by reminding us what the holidays are all about. This is a really great holiday campaign because they play right into the emotions that surround the holidays. Best of all, they keep it very simple. When it comes to advertising the simpler the better. Glade closes with the tagline “Feel Joy” which perfectly sums up the message of this campaign.


Sephora took a new approach to their 2017 holiday campaign. Typically, they use top models for their holiday shoots putting forth a homogenous definition of beauty. This year instead of hiring size-2 models, they reached out to 11,000 of their store clerks for casting. The 10 lucky employees were chooses to be the stars basted of their unique approach to what beauty means to them. The thought to cast their own employees was brilliant. They were able to create one of the most diverse campaigns to date. Their audience responded really well to their new Reach Out and Gift campaign because it embraced the individuals beauty and fit inline with their new tagline “Let’s Beauty Together”.


Everyone knows that Starbucks signature red holiday cups mark the arrival of the holidays. It’s an unmistakable sign that you need to start your holiday shopping if you haven’t already done so. Starbucks ranks in our top holiday campaigns because this year they did a 30-second spot “Giving Good Starts With You” where the message is that “the holidays mean something different for everyone”. The ad promotes their new holiday cups while predominantly showing a lesbian couple holding hands. The response on social media was overwhelmingly positive. Starbucks’ audience appreciates that the company takes a stand and supports what may be a controversial topic for some companies.


Air New Zealand

I may be bias since I lived in New Zealand, but I love how Air New Zealand expresses their brand in all of their advertising. This year they launched a #AirNZXmas campaign, where they poke fun at their own accent. Kiwi’s (or people from New Zealand) are known for having their own spin on words. This campaign shows that it is not easy for Santa to understand what Kiwi’s want. We rank this campaign with some of the top this season because the voice and personality fit the brand image of Air New Zealand so well.

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