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Crystal Siljenberg of Brevity Skincare announces:

“We are excited to announce the roll-out of our new and improved product line containing 100% vegan, ethically sourced ingredients, starting with our scrubs and bath products.”

Brevity Skincare products

Quality over Quantity
Brevity won’t give up quality for quantity. Because we’re a small company, we concentrate on small batch production of each product. Every single raw ingredient that goes into these products is first seen, examined for quality, tested and smelled.

Why small batch?
Everyone involved knows what the ingredients are and where they come from, making sure the products our consumers get contain the best, freshest ingredients.

This weekend, Brevity also announces its move to 100% recyclable and reusable glass product containers, and recyclable cardboard packaging. They will be rolling out the new packaging over the next few weeks.

Look for new and improved lotions in early August!

Looking for awesome skincare products? Want to give the perfect gift?
Check out the Brevity product line here. 

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