Building Brand Experiences: Tips for Managing Your Community and Improving Customer Service

When we’re cultivating a brand experience, one of the most important facets of customer retention and business growth is customer service. Good hospitality allows you to provide a more personal brand experience, cultivate customer loyalty, and receive valuable feedback that helps you improve your overall brand experience. It can be one of the key differentiators for why someone chooses your business over another. Most importantly, it’s a way to connect and show your customers that you value their business. A brand experience should be more than a transaction. It should turn into a relationship with your audience. Learn how to provide professional and attentive service to your community with these tips.

Build Rapport

Small businesses are the foundation of our country and chances are, you’re a small business too. At this size, you have the perfect opportunity to provide a personalized experience for your customers. Reach out and ask questions. Get acquainted with their preferences if you offer a service. Get to know their name. The more you can make your customers feel valued, the higher chance they’ll return.

Be Present

As a business, you should look to cultivate presence across a variety of channels. Make it possible for customers to ask questions and engage with your business in-store and through email, phone calls, live customer support online, social media, and more. Taking time to address questions and concerns will help your customers measure their expectations and give you an action plan to achieve their goals. 

Ask Questions

Provide your customers with a way to give feedback on your business. Make sure you’re listed on websites that share reviews like Google, Yelp, or Facebook. Follow up with customers with a survey regarding their experience. Take every interaction as a learning experience and always look to improve. Providing customers with an active voice shows you are listening to their needs and makes them more comfortable investing in your product/service. 

Be Proactive

Don’t wait for your customers to bring pain points to your attention. As a leader in your market space, you should always look to provide solutions to issues before anyone knows they’re present. Proactive customer service increases customer loyalty and gets ahead of worst-case scenarios before they negatively impact your brand’s reputation.

Cultivate Customer Loyalty

A marketing strategy should generate new leads, but as a brand, you still need to retain the customers you’ve gained. Earning customer loyalty is often less expensive and more economically proficient for businesses. However, you’ll only retain customers if you’ve helped them through every stage of the buying journey. Many of the aforementioned tips are vital in cultivating customer loyalty, but you can also utilize loyalty programs to provide your most loyal customers with a unique value others don’t have access too.

A strong customer base can provide you with a community of brand ambassadors, ready to help spread the word and refer new leads to your business. Customers can be influenced by a single experience, and if it’s negative, you might lose them to your competitors.

Brand Champions choose to be leaders in their communities. They aren’t afraid to reach out, engage, and ask questions. Good community management positions your business as an authority in the market while meeting the customer’s needs with appropriate, cost-effective solutions. If you don’t have an active branding strategy in place, you need one. Gain the tools to grow your community and drive revenue by contacting us today.

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