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When branded well, a small card can make a big difference. 

First Impressions

Whether in your career or social life, first impressions set the scene for all future interactions. Within seconds of a first meeting, a prospective client or customer has already begun evaluating and forming an opinion of you and your business. A business card may be small, but it can act as a lasting physical representation of both you and your company. In a world run by digital, we value personalized touches when meeting face-to-face. Sometimes, the smallest gestures send the biggest messages. A well-designed business card is memorable and leaves a lasting impression where a digital conversation might fail to do so. It goes a lot further than just passing along contact information. It creates a connection.

A creative business card might spark a conversation that otherwise would not have existed. The more unique a business card, the greater the opportunities for diverse conversation. Some elements that can make your card unique are design, paper stock, and finish. Would you rather receive a crumpled, flimsy business card that has been stuck in someone’s wallet for 2 months or a sturdy, crisp and professional one? Business cards set the scene. During a first interaction, there is nothing that looks worse than rummaging through your bag, frantically looking for a pen to scribble down your contact info on a crumpled napkin. Business cards show that you are prepared, professional and want to communicate and engage in a relationship.

Building your Brand Image

At Brand Iron, we love to focus on building a strong identity. Business cards establish credibility for your company and make it easily identifiable. Even though a business card is small, there are no shortage of creative designs that can communicate the personality of your brand. A business card is a physical object that you leave with someone. Your brand stays with them. It acts as a physical reminder of your encounter 

with them along with a representation of your brand. Not only does it remind someone of your brand and give them an opportunity to reconnect, it also puts a face to a business. This creates a higher quality connection and keeps your brand on top of a person’s mind.

Remember me?

Business cards are important because our memory isn’t always reliable. How many times have you had someone tell you their name or position and it goes in one ear and right out the other, as if they never said it? An entire conversation can become a waste of time when there is no way to reconnect. Business cards strengthen opportunities for referrals, networking, or relationships with prospective clients.

Put some thought into your business cards and create a lasting impressions. If you need help designing and creating business cards, Brand Iron is here to help. Our team of designers can create one of a kind cards that capture the essence of your brand. Call 303-534-1901 or visit brandiron.net for more information.