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When you’re creating a Capital Raise Pitch Deck, you’re not just giving a presentation about your company — you’re inviting potential investors to be a part of your business’s future and future success. Here are our top 6 tips from our CEO, Michael Doyle, to consider when preparing to pitch to potential investors:

Your Potential Investors Need To:

1. Understand the Story
You’re inviting potential investors to be a part of your company’s future and future success. In a focused, concise way you need to be able to communicate where your company started, where you’re currently at, and where you’re aiming to go. You want your deck to be 20-30 slides, breaking down each chapter of your story. Focus on the set up. Tell the company’s story and then tell the story of the investment.

2. Understand Your How & Why
After your potential investors get a good idea of your company and investment story, they need to know your how and why. How and why is your investment product better? Are you offering more returns or dividends? Break down your differentiators from both a company and an investment standpoint.

3. Understand Your Business Model
You need to communicate what the business model is and clearly outline the mechanisms of how your company makes money. What kind of model is it? A SaaS Technology model? An IT services firm with recurring revenue? Your potential investors need to understand your business model, so they can know what their return on investment will look like.

4. See the Track Record of Success
Once your potential investors get a firm understanding of your story and your differentiators, they need to know that you have the caliber to propel their investment. Make sure to incorporate what projects you’ve executed, and include any relevant experience that could be beneficial. Showcase your strongest projects, but make sure to include unique transactions that differentiate your track record.

5. Trust the Team
Your potential investors need to be able to look at your track record and understand that you are the team that can make it work. Summarize the team’s background and accomplishments that led to your successful history, and convince your potential investors that you’re the best team for the job. You want to make sure that you’re both an investment match and a culture match, so successfully selling your team is just as important as selling the investment story.

6. See the Story Come Alive
If you include the top five tips, you’re sure to have a strong Pitch Deck — but how are you going to keep your potential investors’ attention? It can be hard to keep the attention of your audience and sell your story with simple black type on a white slide. Your slides will be a guide for your key talking points, don’t stuff them full of content. You need to make the story come alive visually. Invest in creative elements that display your story in an aesthetically pleasing way. Use visually engaging infographics, charts, graphs, and more that align with your brand.

Your Pitch Deck is your shot to sell your story to potential investors, so use these tips to fund your company’s future.

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