Client Love: Hailios

With pride in our client’s accomplishments, we’re eager to share some exciting news! Recently, our client Hailios was selected from a global pool of 140 applicants as one of ten InsurTech disruptors to join cohort 5 of Lloyd’s Lab innovation accelerator program.

Through a collaborative process, we’ve supported Hailios’s marketing efforts with the goal of building a brand that communicates their value and establishes an innovative presence in the marketplace. With our services, Hailios has begun its mission to raise capital, acquire investors, and revolutionize the parametric insurance industry for businesses prone to hail damage. 

As Hailios completes a successful round of funding and begins another phase in business development, they look forward to sharing their experience as members of Lloyd’s Lab. 

Hailios is a Colorado Springs based IoT and data analytics company that empowers the insurance industry with real-time, ground-truth weather data. As an InsurTech startup, they are revolutionizing the parametric insurance market with their proprietary Eyewitness sensor, a fully autonomous and wire-free device that collects hyper-local, timestamped weather data from severe thunderstorms.

Interested in learning more about Hailios and how they’re revolutionizing parametric insurance? Visit their website here.

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