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As the saying goes, everything old is new again and gradients are back, and better than ever. Gradients used to rule in the 90s and early 2000s but in a not-so-good way. Every PowerPoint or Microsoft document had bright, and often tacky, WordArt that incorporated a gradient or some sort. What better way to make a document or report look more professional, right? Not! It’s funny to see how trends evolve and repeat themselves overtime because in 2018 color gradients are making a huge comeback.

The gradient trend has matured over the years into an organic movement of color. Flat colors are limiting and while they provide a clean look, they lack interest and depth. The combination of two or more colors mimics movement and adds more life to a design.  

Project: Electric Objects  Author: Rose Pilkington    |    Project: Magic.co  Author: Ludmila Schevenko 

Recently, we’ve seen large, trendy companies, like Spotify and Instagram, embrace this current style. While Instagram was one of the first companies to adopt this trend on such a large scale, Spotify is really taking it to the next level. The brand has fused colors together to represent specific playlists and create a unique emotional connection to the music with a visual representation. These designs have caught the attention of their audience and are inciting more excitement about the product and the music which creates more brand loyalty among its customers.

Spotify Gradient Graphic Design

Gradients are fun, high tech, edgy and give designers the ability to create something new. Our designers here at Brand Iron love working with gradients because they feel the trend adds depth and allows them to find the heart and soul of the design. The idea is to have bright, eye catching colors incorporated with organic lines and shapes. This year we’ll see more gradients playing a key role in backgrounds and incorporated into designs.

Don’t know where to begin with gradients? If you love this look but don’t know how to use this trend within your brand, our designers can bring your next gradient-inspired design to life.  Visit Brandiron.net or call 303-534-1901 to update your brand’s look.

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