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Design trends are constantly changing and to keep your brand modern, fresh, and up-to-date you need to be following and implementing these latest trends. Design trends can be used for all marketing efforts – such as visuals and graphics on landing pages, email templates, and print out marketing materials.

Design trends don’t stay long and just like the seasons change, they do too. We are in the middle of the spring season, so read about the seasonal trends our design team has indicted as the hottest trends this season.

1. Custom Made Fonts

Many brands are opting for making their own custom fonts – a sure way to stand out among competition. Why do what everyone else is doing when you can stand out with your own, unique font that is specific to your brand.

We implemented this 2019 Design Trend for one of our clients, who did a complete rebrand. They had the vision of their new brand being modern, trendy and standing out. Custom made fonts helped us achieve this for them. Another current design trend implemented into their new look is bold colors. Check out what we did for them below and how the latest design trends are being used.

Custom logos Brand Iron Marketing

2. Custom Illustrations

Still using boring stock images? Think outside the box and start creating custom illustrations. By creating your own images you have the ability to stand out to your audience through vibrant, compelling imagery. Statistics show that custom made illustrations can convert leads into sales 7X better than standard stock photos. Get creative and stand out! Our design team has implemented this highly effective trend for some of our clients recently. How did they do it? Check it out!

Brand Iron Marketing

3. Broken Grid & Overlapping Elements

This specific design trend has been a popular one, specifically, within the web design category. Some websites are boring and plain without much character. Implementing this trend is a sure way to stand out when it comes to your brand’s website.

Broken grids go against the normal and gives your website a more asymmetrical vibe. Think outside the grid and try something new. Overlapping elements are pretty self explanatory and is a trend where different visual elements are overlapping each other. If done correctly, this web site trend will bring a new level of aesthetics to your website.

One of our recent web design revamps implemented this trend:

Brand Iron Marketing website design

In conclusion, if you are not staying up with current design trends you are sure to fall behind. Design trends are always changing and consumers can tell when a brand is not up with the latest marketing tactics.

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