Donald Trump: Plan for Brand Improvement

The campaign trail is winding to an end and soon we’ll be facing elections. With two presidential debates left before it comes time to cast our ballots, Trump has yet to leave an impact on the country that will lead him to another term in the oval office. Biden is currently up in the polls and Trump’s campaign has become handicapped after news of Trump contracting COVID-19. So what does he need to do to win swing states, gain the favor of the American people, and land another term in the White House? As experts in branding, we have a few ideas: 

  • Tout Your Achievements
  • Trust the Experts
  • Offer Sanctuary
  • Add Your Value


Tout Your Achievements

Your time in office hasn’t been without results. But no one would know that after watching the last debate. Look to highlight the achievements you made before COVID-19. There was no expectation that every business would survive the pandemic, but your track record is the best source of credibility you have to convince Americans you’re the President to pull us out of this economic downturn.

Trust the Experts

COVID-19 has been a topic of much contention, however, the recent news of your positive test will attract the attention of many Americans. Some, who have lost loved ones to the virus. Some, who have had it themselves and recovered. But how you handle yourself in the coming days can be a pivotal moment for your overall campaign, and sensitivity is key. In light of good news and a healthy recovery on your part, it’s important to refrain from downplaying the seriousness of the virus. Be thankful to the doctors and those that showed support while you recovered. Practice COVID safe measures as others around you will inevitably have to self-quarantine after contact if they don’t have it. And acknowledge the tragedy of the lives lost instead of treating them like an inconvenience to the economy.


Offer Sanctuary

America is stir crazy. In the midst of protests, chaos is erupting. And amongst true tragedy and misfortune, justice isn’t being served. In a time where it feels like America is spontaneously combusting, communities don’t want to be condemned, they want to be heard. Of course riots and looting are happening. The economy is down. There’s civil unrest. And the police are made out to be anything but human. However, you can be the bridge between law and order. Work with communities to hear their grievances. Collaborate with law enforcement to evolve their training and practices. Help make the country a safer place for people on both sides of the law.


Add Your Value

You might not be the most qualified President the USA has ever had at the helm, but you do have certain traits that the other candidate can’t replicate. You were a businessman. You have different perspectives on the economy, a different understanding of how it works. But this side of you never gets the spotlight. Arguably, it’s the most intriguing part of your candidacy and it could give you a huge advantage in debates if you explained your economic policies and demonstrated why they are a better solution for the future of America.


This presidential race is speeding up and if changes aren’t made to the Trump campaign, he may very well be a one hit wonder. But it’s not too late to gain back the support of moderates and lost republicans. An approach backed on results, humility, and an open ear will help fuel the engine you already have working for your reelection.

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